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A last I've got all the old man's photos scanned. His pictures show him and friends and some of the ships he served on. Up until recently I thought the photo album he had was his, but it seems it belongs to an unknown sailor who served aboard HMS Stormcloud. Some time after my dad joined Stormcloud in 49 he found the album which had been lost by its owner some time before. He never found the owner and now 56 years later he has given it to me. It’s sad, this chap was obviously a keen photographer, and Its a remarkable record of his time on Stromcloud. So I have decided to share some of it with you in the hope you might recognize some one. I know it’s unlikely but it’s the least I can do. They can be found here.

http://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/58u0K5

They can be seen in a variety of sizes using the detail and all sizes functions on flickr
Thanks. I must admit I felt a bit guilty about posting a complete strangers photos but they are too good to keep in the bottom drawer. And of course the chance of finding the owner is too good to miss, however unlikely that might be.


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Great lead Andym, many thanks. I have put my great-uncle's account of the 1914 Falklands battle on RRPedia (search falklands). Also have emailed John Valentine whose name is at the bottom of the Kent pics in the Monmouth-class cruiser section of that website.
Not so long ago the History channel did a programme about the Dresden and its demise,if you have sky it might be repeated.It had a lot about the Kent on there.


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I'll keep an eye open for the Dresden programme (in the hope it turns up on freebie TV - don't have Sky). When HMS London visited Punta Arenas in 1964 I spent an afternoon with an old German bloke called Albert Pagels who arranged coal for the Dresden by going out in his little boat and flagging down a German passenger liner. He then helped Dresden hide among the islands in the Magellan Strait prior to her breaking out. He showed me a medal the Captain of Dresden had had made for him in her coppersmith's shop as a thank-you. Fascinating afternoon!
Magic to look at such old phots and compare with today cheers chaps . Must admit the photo of the stokers on the plates with shovels was a reminder of the ' good old days ' although not from experience . Yes a great look into the past .

Lovely photos neepheed. Like others here I love looking at old photos, they draw me in and I become curious to learn more about the people in them. I'm pleased your dad was part of the Comms elite. :)
Glad you all like them. I wish I could say it was all my own work, they really are great pictures.
I'm also curious about the group in the album, in particular the photographer I always wondered how, after all the time and effort that went into the album did he managed to loose it. My dads pictures are not too bad either, I wonder if any of his ship mates are still around.
I know my dad enjoyed his time in the navy and was proud to serve. Up until it got too worn looking recently he was never without his Royal Navy cap whether it was in the garden or pushing a trolley round asda, I suppose I should get him a new one.


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1. As this thread is Old Pictures, I have posted a pic of my aunt who was in the WRNS in 1917/18 in the Album and she has a Clam Shell on her uniform. Does anyone know the significance of this badge? Branch?

2. I also have a picture of my Uncle who was a Chief Cook with his men taken I think between the wars [probably late 1920's/early 30's] and when I blew the pic up I ascertained from the cap tallies of his men that the ship was HMS Foxglove. Does anyone know what type of ship the Foxglove was? I can put this pic onto the site if anyone wants to look at it.

Both born in the 19th Century and have crossed the bar.
FOXGLOVE was a WW I built escort sloop which remained in service until declared a total constructive loss on 9/7/40, probably due to enemy action: she served as an accommodation ship until scrapped at Troon October 1946.


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Many thanks Isadirty. Will post a couple of pics in the gallery History section. As my Uncle was born in 1891, and looking at the crew pic carefully, it may have been taken during the 1920's. when he was a PO.
From trawling the web, after the damaage, she served in Londonderry as a minesweeper base ship/AA guardship, but cant find any details of how she was damaged.
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