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Discussion in 'History' started by Grog_Rat, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. For the purposes of "graffitying" my body, I am looking for a WW2 style picture with a matelot in square rig, cap abaft complete with tiddly bow, carrying his kit bag.

    I am stuggling to find the right phot , can anyone help me?

  2. There's a perfect one I've seen in a book called "Sailor : A pictorial history", he's even got a parrot in a cage. he's leaving a railway station in London. it was taken in the late 30's.

    dunno where you'd get a copy of the book though, Amazon maybe??
  3. An old shipmate of mine has a tattoo of a Matelot, kit bag slung over shoulder walking into the sunset with "Never Again"

    Can't find any images on google like that though
  4. Go to: www.corbis.com

    *** Type "British Navy" "Royal Marines" or whatever you want in the Search Box....see what comes up***
  5. There are some lovely sailor piccies in that book.... :razz: :) :) ....especially if you're into white duck suits! :lol:

    Would either of these be useful ;) ...


  6. Is that you Scouse? Who's the guy whose lid you're perched on, and who's the cat? :razz:

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