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Discussion in 'History' started by neepheed, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Hello
    A while back I asked for help with a list of ships my dad served on. I now have been given a large amount of photos which I'm trying to find info on. Some are easy enough as there are descriptions and a date on them but others are a mystery. My dads still with us but at 85 the memory could be better. I have a link to the first 2 photos I need help with.


    I have over 100 photos from his time in the Med and to be honest I'm not sure what to do with them. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sparky,

    This looks like a picture from a Training Establishment. My reasons for thinking that are the youth of the team members. Exmouth will probably refer to a Division in the establishment. Looking at the kit I would say it was taken in the 40s/50s era.

    The belt of one of the team seems to have a name sewn in, possibly this is red thread which as far as I'am aware only boys from Ganges and St Vincent and Tiffies from Fisguard used this method of marking personal kit. The photo could have been taken at a Part 2 training establishment though.

    Some older members may help with the shore base that had an Exmouth Division.

    Have you got your Dads service documents???

    Sorry can't be more helpful.

  3. Ganges had a Exmouth Division, I recall.

    Are those shorts they're waring or longs that have been washed at too high a temperature!!!

    Ganges in 1940-41 would have been training Hostilities Only ratings. I served with one in the RNXS at HMS President circa 1990. (He hated it!)
  4. I have looked at the Phots in a Photo editing prog & the date on the ball appears to be Exmouth 1940 41 (Season?) but it is very pixelated! Tiffies divisons were (in the 60's/70's) Cooke, Bennett, Frew, Lane then they added ex Tiffies who became Flag rank to those names. Kit was marked with wooden type block dipped in paint poured over felt pad (Still have mine). Each Division had plain colours at that time.
    They look too well fed to be Tiffies & older than lads who have just joined.
  5. Engines, I've managed to blow the piccie up and the writing on the ball reads: Exmouth Division 1940 / 41 Second X1. The belt markings now show up better and seem to be as you say paint and not sewn in.

    Can the officers sleeve lace give us any clues? Where did Stokers train during this time?

    I agree that the team looks well fed though, that is a very good point and may indicate the lads had been eating pusser scran for a while.

  6. The Officer in the picture is a Commissioned Warrant Officer shown by the thin half stripe (until 1957).. The black cap is not a clue as I believe that white cap covers were not used in WW2 on the home station as nasty Germans pilots would use the white as an aiming point. Note that the Luftwaffe pilots were not always good shots as I wolud not be posting this.
  7. Thanks chaps
    I spoke to the old man again on Sunday and I got more info from him, he's getting chatty in his old age.
    The photos were taken at HMS St George on the IOM. He tells me they were all boy telegraphists, he's in the 2nd XI front right.
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    Be gone, blasphemer; wash your mouth out (but not with tequila - we know what you use THAT for...) :wink:

  9. SSSSHHHHH! There might be PADRES present! :eek:
  10. Thanks once again for your help. I have some other photos I need help with I hope it's ok to post them in naval history for your comments.
  11. Post away, hopefully you will have some from HMS Dauntless.


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