Old Pharts+Most Jollies in Shortest Time.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, May 9, 2008.

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  1. OK you seem to like the last thread so lets see your list of Jollies in the shortest time period. Stand fast black pussies.

    Sept 1964 HMS Tenby Dartmouth Training Squadron
    Sail from Plymouth

    Leghorn (Italy)
    Athens (via Corinthian Canal)
    December 64 Plymouth
    Cape Verde Islands
    Tema (Ghana)
    Takoradi (Ghana)
    Freetown (Sierra Leone)
    April 65 Plymouth
    St Johns (Newfoundland)
    Kingston (Ontario)
    Halifax (Nova Scotia)
    New York
    July 1965 Portsmouth

    All these visits were done in company of three other Type 12 Frigates, Eastbourne, Scarborough and Torquay. So thats a Squadron jolly not single ship.

    Not with standing that Eastbourne had boiler problems and remained in Montreal for over a month while we were up the Great Lakes. Of course the inevitable happened when they sailed they were over 20 short from lads and allegedly two Cadets, who were shacked up with local girls and went on the run.

    NOW I make that 24 Jollies in 11 months or 2.18 jollies a month. Can any of you old or young Pharts top that. Each and every one being at least five days proper jolly not overnight to refuel etc. they do not count.

    Shit holes in the Gulf and Diego Garcia do not count as Jollies as neither would Gan or Aden in the Old days.

  2. Nutty,
    I served on Eastbourne for the Canada trip and enjoyed the long break in Montreal, baby sparker at the time but did 18 months on that squadron eventually ending up in boats. Acheron, Andrew and Otus
  3. As I spent 7 weeks there 1963, swinging around a bouy lets, look at the exciting things to do in Gan.

    The Naffi bar, Spirits 3d a shot, beer or can drinks, coke etc. 9d
    Swim, inside the attoll
    Row the three in one whaler about, never enough wind to sail
    Fly your little model plane(purchaesd in Sembawang) on strings round and round
    Sun bathe
    Inter departmental, how far can you fire a blue bell can, amount of contents optional, from a 2pounder saluting gun
    Read two day old UK newspapers provided by RAF
    Lech the 60 year old WVS lady who worked in the transit lounge
    Go for a 18 hour flight over the Indian Ocean in a Shackle-bomber
    Take CRABS to sea and let them fire the guns etc.
    Dream of Run ashore in Sychelles if lucky(We were not lucky)

    All in hot sun 50 miles south of the equator. Its still banned.

  4. Bristol 87-89 Dartmouth Training Ship Carribean ,Med,Scandanavia,

    least Jollys longest time Alacrity 1982 departed Plymouth 4 April 82 arrived Plymouth ( i think 28 June) 1982 number of Jollys Zilch
  5. Nnnnnnnngh nnnnnnnngh nnnnnnnnngh nnngh.
  6. Ok a sprogs try
    Feb 1986 HMS Manchester GLOBAL 86
    Portland of course
    San Francisco
    Hong Kong
    Sydney 3 weeks knackered diesels
    Dar Es Salaam
    Pompey - divorced 6 months later
    Only 18 Nutty sorry
    We sailed without ILLUSTRIOUS after she had a major engine room fire sailing from Pompey, MANCHESTER was canteen boat along with AMAZON and BEAVER (Yanks loved that ships name) great time until the Carrier rejoined and everything got serious.

  7. But a better quality of runs ashore than mine. What was the start and return month and year.

  8. Nutty sailed from Pompey Feb 1986 and got back Dec 1986.
    We went to Portland for a 2 week Work UP the following Feb and didn't escape for 6 weeks FOST really got his revenge for that jolly
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In 1986 I went out for a newspaper and a pint of milk, and haven't been home since... :twisted:
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Was there too, Bren. Long but fun deployments, too many ports to remember, but as she was a Training Ship, Bristol was guarenteed to be home for main leave periods at Easter, Summer and Christmas! :thumright:
  11. Nine-month Windies Guardship deployment in 1975 (pre-Belize), not necessarily in the right order and some places visited more than once:

    Chatham (Base port)
    Portsmouth (Ammunitioning)
    Portland (4.5" firings)
    Gibraltar (First foreign run. Didn't climb sheerlegs or swim back to ship)
    Ponta Delgada, Azores (Fuel, water, fresh food and stacks of Verdelho wine)
    Ireland Island, Bermuda (Skinny-dipping, tennis, moby rash, etc)
    Charlestown, Nevis (Discovered Mount Gay rum. Sailed US Navy Sunfish dinghies and visited Nelson's house)
    Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (Helped put down local rebellion)
    Cartagena, Colombia (Free emerald specimens)
    Georgetown, British Guiana (Seedy brothel - managed to escape unscathed)
    St Johns, Antigua (Discovered Cuba Libres)
    English Harbour, Antigua (Repaired Nelson's Dockyard and regatta week - lots of topless/legless girls)
    Kingston, Jamaica (Discovered Pina Coladas)
    Pensacola, Florida (Strangled baroness. Rediscovered Budweiser)
    Castries, St Lucia (Discovered Mai Tais)
    Port au Prince, Haiti (Chased by Ton-Ton Macoute)
    Montserrat (Exercised landing RM detachment then spent rest of day looking for weapons lost in surf)
    Guadeloupe, French West Indies (Club Med - wore coloured plastic popper beads to pay for drinks but little else)
    Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch West Indies (Another Club Med!)
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Details personal but fantastic!)
    Freeport, Grand Bahama (Nearly lost half Ship's Coy when Russian cruise liner sailed at midnight)
    Nassau, Bahamas (Casino)
    Kingston, Jamaica (Discovered Daiquiris)
    Bridgetown, Barbados (More sun, sand, sea and s... , er, rum - hic!)
    Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico (Big base, big PX. Room 109 at Black Angus in San Juan)
    Andros Island (AUTEC - SLUTT got screwed by TART)
    Tortola, British Virgin Isles (Grippoed - water skiing and trip to exclusive island with beach bar. Rum drunk here too!)
    Port of Spain, Trinidad (Pool bar on roof of upside-down Hilton)
    Chaguaramas, Trinidad (Station leave during AMP at Swan Hunter Shipyard. Flew to Turtle Beach, Tobago and lived in cabana by the sea for 10 days.)
    Grand Cayman (Pure luxury)
    Halifax, Nova Scotia (Beerfest! Nice Canadian civilian lady)
    St Johns, Newfoundland (Nice Canadian Navy lady)
    Gibraltar (Rabbits)
    Portsmouth (Land advance leave party)
    Chatham (Ahhhh. Chill out at last)

    Phew! Makes me go all misty-eyed thinking about it. Silly old fool!
  12. Stan thats 1.636 Jollies a month. Looks like we were the only two to get visits the rest of the lads must have had shore drafts.

  13. onNutty your math is far better than mine at least the sea time gave us time to save up for the next run ashore. Got my first Visa Card for the trip only £500 pound limit in those days - no problem reaching that especially after three weeks in Garden Island Sydney.
    Forgot to mention Shanghai what a run ashore only 1 boozer but at 10p a tinnie who cared!!
  14. NG thats 3.33 great jollies a month far better than me. A trip I think is going to be hard to beat unless you were loan draft to the QE11.


    Shanghi Brings you up to 1.72

  15. you oldies only got these runs ashore because you had to stop off for coal every other port
  16. SPB Yeah but you go to shite places like DG so you may as well go home.

  17. Suppose I'd better do my black cat

    HMS Maidstone as Cin C Home Fleet went on a ''Spring Cruise '' 1958
    Left Portsmouth late January
    Kingston Jamaica
    Georgetown Barbados
    Port o Spain Trinidad
    Beqia Bay for fleet Banyans
    Hamilton Bermuda
    Halifax N.S Canada.[feckin freezin shite weather ]
    Arrived Portsmouth beginning of April and did Easter Navy Days
    Cos we was Senior Ship always went alongside and all visits lasted about a week .
    The Home Fleet had Cruisers ,Destroyers ,Frigates squadrons and they all came with us but not all visited the same places .
    Maidstone was relieved by HMS Tyne after that and paid off for refit

    Good times

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. Verbatim copy from Commission Card, HMS Ulster, West Indies Station.
    1958, 30th October - 10th November, Passage to Bermuda.
    1959, 12th October - 23rd October, Passage to UK., then refit.

    Ports of call :-

    Ponta Delgada (Azores), Bermuda, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Key West, Nassau (Bahamas), Pointe a Pierre (Trinidad), St.Georges (Grenada), Kingston (Jamaica), Georgetown (Grand Cayman), Lucea (Jamaica), Cartagena (Columbia), La Guaira (Venezuela), Bridgetown (Barbados), Castries (St.Lucia), Port of Spain (Trinidad), Plymouth (Montserrat), St.John's (Antigua), English Harbour (Antigua), Barbuda, Anguilla, Nevis, Basseterre (St.Kitts), Bequia, Cannouan, Union Island, Carriacou, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Sept Iles (PQ), Gaspe (PQ), Port Alfred (PQ), Quebec City, Trois Rivieres (PQ), Montreal, Brockville (Ont), Kingston (Ont), Toronto (Ont), Welland Canal, Windsor (Ont), Sarnia (Ont), Penetanguishene (Ont), Parry Sound (Ont), Chicago (Ill), Saulte Ste. Marie (Mich), Port Arthur (Ont), Fort William (Ont), Alpena (Mich),
    Detroit (Mich), Murray Bay (PQ), Shediac (New Brunswick), Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Road Town (Tortola), Belize (British Honduras), Stann Creek, (British Honduras), Guantanamo (Cuba), Matthew Town (Great Inagua), Grand Turk (Turks Is.), Cockburn Harbour (South Caicos).
    Several of these were duplicate visits and Bermuda was our base, including one week to each watch at Warwick camp in order to "wind down" from our busy schedule.

    Different Navy? Yes we were!

    Any Ulsters 58-60 out there, our 50th anniversary reunion is booked in Torquay for this October.

  19. God how I hated coaling my old K boat. The worst was lowering the hot funnels before diving whilst under machine gun fire from a Fokker!


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