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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by -buggy-, May 7, 2007.

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  1. PMSL why do old people always manage to find that dry patch in an icy car park??!! they just stand there looking down at their feet . i saw it happen just recently and thought to myself ... you must have been standing there all night for that to happen ! they look like someone off castaway . im sorry for this completly irrelevant topic but it just popped into my head so thought i wuld share it. bless them oldies
    pmsl :lol:
  2. OK, lol. I have no idea what you are talking about, PMSL, is it me being thick, lol, maybe you could explain, PMSL, if not don't worry- lol.


    EEK my generation is doomed!
  3. PMSL = Pissing myself laughing :D
  4. I understood that bit, just not the old people, ice, parking jobby.
  5. sorry i know it sounds confusing but i just remembered seeing it and it struck me funny lol. theres a moth in my room the size of a sea king i better let it out b4 it hunts me down
  6. Nurse, Buggy need his Meds ASAP
  7. QFT!
  8. QFT- quite fcukin true?
    QFT- quantum field theory?
    QFT- quit fcukin talking?
  9. Quoted for truth. But I prefer your first one. :p
  10. You missed;

    Quantitative Feedback Theory
    Queen's Film Theatre
    Quantum Fourier Transform

  11. Buggy, it disturbs me that I laughed my head off at this! :p
  12. What is an icy car park??????

  13. Is he called "buggy" because he gets pushed around in one by his mum? Or is it like an Uncle Buck type reference? (That emo kid).
    Anyway, as far as i'm concerned (And maybe i'm being a bit serious here) "Old" people can stand in a dry patch that they've found in an icy car park for as long as they like. Every single "Old" person I meet, I treat the same way as my nan or grandad would've liked me to treat them :) and that includes not taking the piss.

    oh, hope that doesn't make you ROFL, LOL, PMSL or any other crap t'interweb saying
  14. theres a lot of pissing and laughing going on, anyone really into this??, pm me if you are!!

    watersports! sport of the gods!!
  15. Is that similar to Fast Fourier Transform, of which i prefer the 64 point fast fourier to a 32 point . :roll:

  16. Not so much, but if you are handsome I can pretend.
  17. WTF ,????????????/, :roll:
  18. Not down with the kids Dondon?

  19. therfore, if i can get you to do this there's other avenues we can explore as well!, (if i am handsome that is?)
  20. Handsome is the deal maker.

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