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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Tanzi, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Any old 'foos out there who might know Clive Reffold ?

    He lives is Oz now and is doing it a bit tough at the moment, poor health etc.

    I believe he served from '47 to '69. Last years spent as a CPO ( Airframes and Engines) at Lee on Solent.

    I got this from his wife and have asked for more info which I will post when available.
  2. Bit more info as promised:

    Clive Reffold joined on June 12th, 1947. After basic training at HMS St. George he was drafted to RNAS Worthy Down and, together with Aus & Can personnel, did trade training.
    With 778 sqdn went to Ford, Lee on Solent, then to HMS Vengeance with 778 trials unit. Then back to Lee on Solent.
    Drafted to Culdrose on the carrier air group. On & off various carriers for trainee pilots' first deck landings.
    Halfar, Malta
    Arbroath for POs course.
    Boscombe Down aircraft test sqdn
    Lossiemouth 800 sqdn & station flight
    Yeovilton 899 sqdn. Went aboard Hermes, Ark Royal and Eagle with same sqdn.
    Lee on Solent Defect analysis unit.
    Discharged as CPO to 15 years on reserve 1969

    Sorry about the lack of dates, info provided by his missus.

    If you knew Clive and want to drop him a line please PM or Email me and I will pass it on, I'm afraid he's not up to using the 'pooter.

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