Old Nuc.Boat heaven or hell

Is the Dreadnought still in Rosyth ? I used to run past her when she was in the basin back in 1986, looked a rusting old heap back then...
Bit of a nightmare trying to tow that anywhere to dispose of it. I reckon they should, drain the basin, pour a shed load of concrete over all of them and turn it into a ski slope.
Herbert Lott.....cheque payable to "Spidiver"...many thanks.


was starting to rust in chatham way back in 82
you know what really confuses me (apart from life obviously) is that we (us and the norwegians and yanks) have paid the Russians shit loads of cash to decommission their old cold war era submarines, literally millions of quid to pay for facilities to cut their old boats up yet we cant dispose of our own. i've got a solution, put them all on a barge and send them up to Russia for them to cut them up into razor blades using the equipment we the taxpayer paid for. makes me laugh that they couldn't afford to deal with the problem of disposing of their old boats on their own and required us to pay for it while at the same time constructing new submarines of the graney and borei classes.

check it out:-

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