Old Navy's Nicknames

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. I really like the old RN terms of speech,there are many but one of my favourites[not wishing to belittle any branch of the service] is one for an officers servant, the old term for an officers steward.
    The word for them in Nelsons time was “Fart Catchers!â€
    Don't you love it? I think we should bring it back for those so attired in the House of Lords although I wouldn't fancy being Prescott's Fart catcher!
  2. In my time (and I suspect yours too SF), a quite common alternative name for Stewards was "Po jerkers".
    Also, not quite so common, "Sea going housemaids".

  3. We called them "Crumb Dusters". my ex, very ex, Missus was one.
  4. Always known them as Crumb Brushes or, in boats, as underwater waiters.
  5. Hoover Pilots
  6. porcelan Engineers
  7. On Manchester the captains teward was often referred to as The PO Platelayer
  8. Piss pot Jerkers
  9. Officers handbags.
  10. Nigel Maintainers

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