Old n Bold Agony Column for Noobs

Here is a threat where you NOOBS can feel safe to ask, in confidence, all those questions that are so embarrassing to ask mummy or the AFCO staff. Our experienced, Old Hands (Granny and Trewlawney), are ready at hand to share their experiences and extensive knowledge of all things.

I repeat, all your posts here will be in complete confidence..... :twisted:

So let me start the ball rolling by asking one myself.

What does "horny" mean? :? :oops:


War Hero
Dear, Thingy. Your problem is quite an easy one to answer. It purely refers to sailors who have sailed around the Cape of Horn under sail. Due to the lack of sailing vessels this can now be achieved by undertaking this formidable challenge using Google Earth. To add realism you can enlist the help of someone to throw salt water at a concentration of 0.9% W/V at you whilst doing the transit. It would also be enormously helpful if they could read a passage or two from "Robinson Crusoe" when you do it.
At the end of the transit you will then join the ranks of all those who have done this perilous voyage and will be a member of the "Horny" fraternity. :wink:


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StixJimboRM said:
Where can I find the 'golden rivet' oh wise ones?
I know that this can be a vexing question, one that deserves an unequivocal reply. It is usually found in the Fwd Paint store. Where it is kept in a lower cupboard, a bit difficult to get at but well worth the effort. (So I was told!!) Hope that helps.

edired once for spelling.
edited a second time because I still couldn't spell.
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