Old mate search

Just an idea, but you might like to think about giving us a bit more information about your oppo! The more information and details people see, the more it might jog their memory!!
Year of Birth (approx)?? Year of joining & leaving the RN (approx)?? Which branch/trade he served in?? The names of any ships and shore bases in which he served (quoting the years, if possible)?? Where he was mainly based (Portsmouth, Devonport, Chatham, Rosyth, Portland, Faslane, Air Stations, etc)??
You stand a fairly good chance of finding someone on this website that knows your oppo, but you're going to have to be a lot more forthcoming with some information, shipmate.
Sorry guys... Mark 'Scouse' Perryman....from Birkenhead originally. Joined RM after leaving the French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment. Possibly joined RM around the late 80s or very early 90s I believe. Believe he may have had a wife from the Pacific Islands...Tihiti? Do not know of any of his time in RM.

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