Old Lady


War Hero
Old lady goes upstairs to bed and looks outside before closing the bedroom curtains. She sees a couple of yobs breaking into her garden shed and calls the old bill.
The old bill thanks her for the call and says that unfortunately they don't have anyone in the area but someone will call as soon as they become available. The old lady puts trhe phone down, waits a minute and calls the fuzz again. She tells them not to bother sending someone as she has shot the bad boys.
Within 2 minutes an armed response unit, two patrol cars and a helicopter are all in the area and the scum are arrested.
Suddenly there is a knock on the front door. The old opens it to be confronted by a very angry Superintedent. "I thought you said you had shot the poor unfortunate youths who were trying to open your shed" says the Super. "I thought you said you had no-one in the area says the old lady1."