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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mikk2k2, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hey Guys...

    I passed my RT today for Pilot. However when I went to my medical the Dr pulled me up on my shoulder (Which popped out 4 times - the last time being 4 years ago) He had a mess around with it and he was happy that it was in working order but wanted feedback from my GP. Now he said that 4 times is too many, then mentioned something about seeing a naval shoulder specialist.

    My questions:
    - What do you think my chances of getting past this stage are?
    - If they reject me, can I do anything to change their minds I.E tighten my shoulder up more? (As I had physio to do just that, which stopped it popping out)
    - Any chance you could re-assure me? :p

  2. From BR3 which can be found here:


    You'll probably need to see a specialist, but bear in mind the risks of it happening again in the pilot's seat.
  3. Urgh, not too much re-assuring there Tatto - Cheers anyway!!
  4. Not trying to give you a downer and, as a disclaimer, only the RN specialist can give a definitive answer.
  5. im sure angry doc will be along shortly
  6. I'm afraid what you have heard from the ME is correct - 4 dislocations is 2 too many. Because your shoulder has dislocated so many times the musculature around the joint will be slightly weaker, despite your exercises and current normal function. You are also more likely to get early arthritis of the joint than someone who hasn't dislocated the joint before.

    There is some hope though - it sounds like your case is being referred to a Naval occupational health consultant and, as everything seems fine now, they may look kindly on things. Be aware that this is by no means guaranteed. Basic training will not be kind to your shoulders and aircrew have to be fitter than most as you will be thrown around a fair bit.

    If you are rejected, then I'm afraid there is not much you can do to reverse this as our standards are absolute and not up for challenge.

    Sorry I couldn't be more reassuring.

    RN Medical Officer
  7. Cheers Guys,

    There is still hope, but don't get your hopes up! Ah well the fall back plan in London is still there....can always go down civvy street - though i'd really rather not!!

    Thanks for all your responses,

    One more thing, if referred to a naval specialist where will that be? Any ideas? Same place as my medial (Local)?

    My best to all


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