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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Any takers for the words of these songs ???( think their more wardroom style :roll: ) 1 Lady Jane 2 The Harlot of Jerusalem 3The Darkies Sunday school 4 Their Digging up Fathers grave to build a sewer 4 Poor Little Angeline. Ta!
  2. The Lobster Song

    Melody—The Chisholm Trail

    "Oh, mister fisherman, home from the sea,
    Have you got a lobster you will sell to me?"

    Chorus: Singing ai-tiddly-ai, shit or bust,
    Never let your bullocks dangle in the dust.

    "Yes sir, yes sir, I have three,
    And the biggest of the bastards I will sell to thee."

    So I took the lobster home, but I couldn't find a dish,
    So I put the ******* lobster where the missus has a piss.

    In the middle of the night, as you well know,
    The missus got up to have a heave ho.

    Well, first there came a groan, and then there came a grunt,
    And the bloody lobster grabbed her by the ****.

    The missus grabbed the brush, and I grabbed the broom,
    And we chased the ******* lobster round and round the room.

    We hit it on the head, we hit it on the side,
    We hit that ******* lobster till the bastard died.
    Oh, the story has a moral, and this is it,
    Always have a look before you take a shit.

    That's the end of my story, there isn't any more,
    There's an apple up my asshole, and you can have the core.
    Down in Nagasaki the monkey fucked the cat,
    And all the cat could do was **** the monkey back.
  3. Maybe?......


    Chorus: Old folks, young folks, everybody come,
    Join the darkie Sunday School.
    Bring a stick of chewing gum and stick it on the floor,
    And we'll tell you Bible stories that you never heard before!
    Moses was the leader of the Israelite flock,
    When he wanted water he just had to strike a rock,
    When he struck the rock, there rose a mighty cheer,
    Instead of flowing water, flowed the best of Tennant's beer.
    David was a shepherd and a scrappy little cuss,
    Along came big Goliath just a-spoilin' for a muss,
    Now David didn't want to fight but thought he must or bust,
    So he picked up a cobblestone and busted in his crust.
    Jonah was an immigrant, so runs the Bible tale,
    He took a steerage passage in a transatlantic whale,
    Now Jonah in the belly of the whale was quite compressed,
    So Jonah pressed the button and the whale he did the rest.
    Esau was a cowboy of the wild and woolly make,
    Half the farm belonged to him and half to brother Jake,
    Now Esau thought his title to the farm was none too clear,
    So he sold it to his brother for a sandwich and a beer.
    Samson was a strong man, he fed on fish and chips,
    He hung around the Gallowgate, pickin' up the nips,
    Samson had a brother, and this is what they tell,
    Samson went to Heaven and his brother went as well.

    The Harlot of........

    4th post down......

  4. found one :oops: Thanks above :wink: Moving Father's Grave (2)

    Moving Father's Grave (2)

    cho: They're diggin' up Father's grave to build a sewer;
    They just don't care to whom they gives offense.
    They are movin' his remains to make way for outhouse drains
    To ease the bums of some new residents.

    They're diggin' up Father's grave to build a sewer;
    They're shovin' his bloody coffin all around.
    But Father's not the type to make way for sewage pipe;
    He ain't gonna take this outrage lyin' down.

    For his ghost will rise up nightly in the crapper,
    And he'll haunt the place from double seat to drain,
    And the counselors will quail, the aldermen turn pale,
    They'll never try that bloody trick again.

    Now Father in his day was not a quitter,
    And I don't believe he'll be a quitter now;
    No, he'll dress up in a sheet, and he'll haunt the toilet seat,
    And nobody won't sit he don't allow.

    And won't there be some bloody constipation,
    And won't the buggers roar and scream and rave,
    Which is just wot they deserve, for havin' the blasted nerve,
    And muckin' with a bloody ragman's grave.
  5. Re: The Lobster Song

    This has brought back some great memories of the whole squadron singing this song in a bar, about 18 years ago when I was a young AEM and there were Senior Rates who had been around long enough to know the lyrics!

    We used to sing:-

    Oh, the moral of the story, the moral is this,
    Always have a shufty before you have a piss.

    That is where the song used to end. I've never heard these "bonus" choruses:-

    What a pity we live in a PC world and can't belt these songs out anymore without fear of upsetting someone :(
  6. How about.
    Me no likee English sailor, when the yankee come ashore.
    Yank he call me Honey Darling, Jack he call me fcuking whore.
    Yank he pay me fifteen dollars, jack he pay me fifteen more.
    Yank he fcuk for just two minutes, jack he fcuk for evermore.
  7. :wink: Some crackers here. Buccs included. Cheers Johnny E :roll: :roll: Squadron Songs and Songbooks [Archive] - PPRuNe Forums 4 posts - Last post: 18 Jun 2008
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