Old envelopes from unusual places!


I am a very keen collector of the Postal History of the Royal Marines, and as an ex HO marine myself, I seek fellow members with similar interests, or anybody willing to sell or exchange old letters from past deployments to include in my collection. I recently wrote a book on this subject, but always seek more info., particularly on MNBDO


"Blueys" are definately of interest, particularly from Iran/Iraq etc. Any unusual deployment, the Falklands etc. I am a keen buyer, if for sale!


old "Dear John" letters, Oh, yes, definately interested, if addressed to a Bootneck, (or from one) Something you don't see very often, I ditched mine many years ago.


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I'm with blobby on this one. Although I can understand the need to preserve them as email will surely negate the requirement for blueys in the not too distant future.



[ "Although I can understand the need to preserve them as email will surely negate the requirement for blueys in the not too distant future." Very true, some years ago, the then Editor of G&L used to empty his wastepaper basket in my direction, in return, I sponsored the staff Christmas party. Suddenly, it all stopped, as emails had taken over for a lot of official correspondence. I am trying to ensure that some record will remain for the future, although it must be said that it is the older 'Blueys' which are the most interesting, later ones tend not to state their origins.


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I have some old stamps from Mesopotamia (Iraq) printed in the 20's. My RAF Father-in-Law was there in the 20s helping to subdue the local tribes. Nothing changes.


[I have some old stamps from Mesopotamia (Iraq) printed in the 20's. .

Many thanks for the info. Because of the size of the study, I restrict myself to letters to & from RMs. As I go back as far as 1666 (my earliest), I have to keep in manageable!


["]What was in the 1666 letter?[/ A request for matches for matchlock rifles
"You are desired out of his Majesty's stoars (sic) to cause two budells of matches to bee delivered to Captain Hercules Lowe for the use of his company of His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Regiment etc. "

Dated 1st November 1666. (This is a precis of the contents, spelling a little odd)
1666, there were no Green Goddesses in those days so the booties were formed to put out the fire that happened to be raging through London at the time. Did they start the fire with the matches?
wow...we where issued with nasty hurty things back then...trust the Corps to feck up and burn something like London down...rascals...

The most memorable bluey I got was when the good taxi fearless pulled into Sevastapol, bear with me but it went something like this.....

......Dear Blobbs, I know I have always said I will never tell you something like this in a letter,but to have the courage to tell you to your face....*heart sinks at this point*........I know you are away for a 6 month deployment...*thinking fcukin bitch at this stage*.......and I told you if anyone else entered my life and it would change things between us I would tell you.......*fcuking slack vaage cow!*......well that time has come...*bitch, I'll kill her*.....you are to become a daddy........*crys*

loved that bluey.
Me and my girlfriend then Wife used to write everyday when I was away
just to make sure there was always a letter whenever we got a mail drop.

On a boat it was a pain ---30 words each week that had to be
censored for bad news before being sent ---------and I couldn't reply anyway . I'm glad nothing bad ever happened . Mind you they did have a
good family welfare back up for any problems.

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