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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by AfterSSE, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Probably been done before...lol

    The Scottish Submarine
    There was once a sub crewed by Scotsmen,
    The redoubtable men of the North.
    She patrolled the Atlantic's grey waters
    From her base in the Firth of the Forth

    Her Skipper, a dour Aberdonian,
    Was known for his tightness with loot,
    And much tighter yet with torpedoes,
    With a noted reluctance to shoot!

    One morning they sighted a tanker
    "Let's sink it!" the crew said with glee.
    'D'ye know ken the price o' torpedoes?
    Forget it, yon tanker's too wee!".

    Now while they discussed the expenses,
    A destroyer appeared on the scene,
    A German, with five inch artillery,
    And she'd spotted the Jock submarine!

    They took the boat down in a hurry
    While the German came on at a pace.
    "Our Skipper'll save us!", the crew said
    But the Captain rernained stoney faced!

    They sat on the bottom for hours,
    Dead quiet, no man made a sound,
    While the German let loose her depth charges
    And continued to circle around!

    Then a voice echoed out in the silence,
    In anguish it cried simply this,
    "Just fire a bloody torpedo!
    Ah'll foot the bill if ye miss!" :hockey:
  2. Hahahaha that's brilliant. Makes me proud to be Scottish.
  3. Makes me long for the days I was on O-Boats :thumright:

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