Discussion in 'History' started by FunDiver, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the CO(s) of HMS Active 1989 - 1991?

    Cheers ears :smile:
  2. FD,

    I think that would be Paul(?) Canter then Tony Morrow.
  3. I thought Paul Canter was CO of ACTIVE some time previous to that, infact I think he had command in 82 for the Falklands but I could well be wrong. I was shocked to see that he died last year and for those of you who knew him I attach some notes from his Thanksgiving Service.

    13 Sep 06

    Thanksgiving Service for Captain Paul Canter CBE FNI Royal Navy

    Paul Canter

    1943 - 2006

    Today, your humble webmaster made the sorrowful trip to St Peter's Church, High Cross at Froxfield near Petersfield to attend a Thanksgiving Service for the life of Captain Paul Canter RN who died suddenly after attending divine service in the same church a week ago last Sunday. He was 62.

    Paul Canter was not an MCDO but many of our Branch will have encountered him because he was one of those special people who seem to crop up wherever you go. He joined the Royal Navy in 1962 and was a little 'd' before qualifying on the last Long 'G' Course. During his naval career, he commanded the Ton Class minehunter HMS Gavinton and the Type 21 frigate HMS Active. He later served as Commodore Amphibious Warfare and as the Director of the Maritime Tactical School. Before his untimely death, he was the Honorary Secretary (and past Chairman) of the Nautical Institute's Solent Branch of which I am the current Vice Chairman. He was also a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a member of the Anchorites and was actively involved in organising Tall Ships and other maritime events including the International Festival of the Sea and the International Fleet Review. He was a keen sailor, skier, tennis player, cricketer, choral singer and church-goer and was an energetic organiser of activities in his village as well as a devoted family man. From my point of view, he was the epitome of a naval officer and a perfect gentleman.

    The church was packed to the gunwales for the Thanksgiving Service and the first reading was given by Admiral Sir John Brigstocke. The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band for whom Paul had acted as Best Man, then described his brilliant leadership qualities, his deep interest in people and the significant contribution he made to the Royal Navy and to the maritime world in general. Many other familiar high-ranking figures were present and MCDOA members included Jon Riches, John Arrow and Doug Barlow.

    I am sure all MCDOA members will join me in extending our condolences to Paul's widow Christina (whom he met in Falmouth during a visit by HMS Blake) and to their daughters Melissa, Rose and Laura.
  4. Paul, came to the 2005 eskimo 2nd commish reunion and was to return in 2006, unfortunately......
    I think he was GDO (blind), I was the joystick jockey, he also had to pay my fine in Gib for ripping up a bannana tree, he never let me out of his sight from leaving the court until Eskimo docked and I'd gone to the ships office with my POSB to reimburse him.
    I've got a couple of photo's of our table in 2005 but they're on my laptop not the web, when I'm in a position to upload them I will.
  5. In correction to my earlier post and having talked to another member of the T21 club in fact it was Mike(?) Johnson as CO ACTIVE and Capt F around 89 - 91 then Tony Morrow. Paul Canter was Capt F4 in the late 1980s - I presume also CO ACTIVE but I am ready to be corrected on that!

  6. If it's the same Mike johnson & I think it is , he went to Washington as Naval Attache then came to Drake House as Commodore HM Naval Base Devonport , excellant chap , his wife Connie was a Geordie like me , but did'nt sound a bit like me , a very posh Geordie & good looking as well , well she was a geordie after all , :lol: :wink:

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