Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. When are we officially old , I was called an old bastard for the first time when I was 40........
  3. I once read that "Forty is the old age of youth whilst fifty is the youth of old age". Don't fret boys and girls - it gets better. :p

  4. I reckon you get old when you stop thinking young, My little brother who is 8 years younger than me has always acted far older since he was about 20.

  5. I was classed as a miserable old git when i got my hook!
  6. I've got my walking stick and blanket already picket out. Intend to emulate the old gits from the Fast Show.

  7. slightly different chatting with my sons mates (hes 16 ) when one asked how old i was when i said 47 his simple but poingnant reply was "oh over half way then " makes you think !
  8. When you start using expressions like 'when I was a lad' and 'in my day' and 'in times of yore' and 'youngsters these days' you know you're getting old. So just avoid using them! Instead use phrases like:-

    'Geriatrics these days!', 'when I grow-up...'

    And you know people regard you as still young when they say things to you like:-

    'Won't you ever grow up!'

    Last but not least, I continually remind myself when I feel the "growing pains" reappearing, that I never had time to become a Qualified Naval Auxiliaryman in the RNXS, and so as some-one still rated NX I'm just an overgrown nozzer! :D
  9. Growing old is thinking of the things that you always wanted to do, and then find that you cant be arsed doing them, its when you cant get hard anymore, thats the time to panic, hopefully this wont happen until my dying day.
  10. On that basis Higs, I've ALWAYS been old! 8O :oops: :lol: Until a few years ago I could still sing with a very odd sounding treble voice, as an, er, adult! :oops:
  11. However I think I'm going gagagaga... I thought I just read at the top of this page, in the adverts, that I could BUY Rumration on ebay?!!?!

  12. One way to tell whether you are getting old is by the parties you get invited to!

    As you get older, Wedding and 21st Birthday invitations start getting replaced by parties for 40th Birthdays and Silver Weddings, before progressing to Retirement parties and Golden Weddings. :lol:
  13. And then your friends funerals start......................
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Having already attended several funerals of my contemporaries before my 40th birthday, sadly this is not a good indicator :(
  15. It is a well know fact that men never grow hope. Hence they never get old.

    Ask the missus.
  16. Age the is the slow process of deterioration of body and mind,on some the mind goes before the body,on others the body before the mind.What would be your preference.? In my case I think both at the same time would be a good result. :lol: As for old bastards,you need two qualifications,born out of wedlock and be nasty to anyone younger than you. 8)
  17. What about "you're only as old as the person you're feeling". :wink:

  18. I'm 59,she was 20,called me a dirty old bastard.Cant win :cry:
  19. Hmmm. Not much good if the person you're feeling is older than you are! :(
  20. Who's going old. I cycle 30 miles a day weight training everyday have been told by many I look 40 have a very fit body. Not bad for a 52 year old crinkly.

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