Old and Bold II

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Polycell, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. So the Old and Bold thread got removed so...............
    Let s have another go without all the 'eff-ing and blinding'.
    I think most of us flaky old pharts appreciate and accept that todays RN is different to yesterdays and I would hate to think again as most of us would agree that trying to remain in the past as technowledgy progresses is foolhardy. But that does not mean that what we, as flaky old pharts, did not do what we did during our time in the service to the best of our ability with the equipment and manpower we had and did it most of the time with pride.
    I just hope you guys and gals now serving will look back in years to come and relate to your 'time served' with the same pride happy to spin the odd dit to the youngsters of the day.
    BUT I still think that the modern days matelots uniform is still krapp!!!
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. Today's Sailors... :D :roll:

  4. Now listen very carefully, all you young boys and girls. As i was rated an official silly old git on the 30th of August, by surviving past the age of 65 , i have to say this.
    You may think that we of an older generation have never had it as tough as you. Nor have we done anything like the things you have had to do. Nor seen the things that you have.
    Well i can assure you children that we have and more, and many times better than you.
    So if you keep studying, work extra hard and do as much as you can in as many theatres of military life as you can. Then one day maybe, just maybe you might end up as good as us oldies.
    You will then be given the honour of listening to the waffelings of young boys and girls aspiring to be great before there time. Just like your seniors at present.
    So happy growing old boys and girls, and remember when us oldies speak or post "You are hearing about YOUR future"
    End Of
  5. If today's uniform has the same degree of pulling power and attraction to the Ladies,
    as mine did during the 50/60s, then there can't be that much wrong it.

  6. Chod.
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Know what you mean J-H, in '52 in Brighton I was approached by a young girl who wanted to touch my Collar for luck, and have a photo taken with me. I soon found out that that was all she wanted. Back to the drawing board. :lol:
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I must try one of these patronizing, dissecting replies. You know the style.

    I'm reading it carefully.

    I believe they are men & women.

    Another 35 and you'll get a telegram, do you want another long service medal?

    Eh? So thats what its all about, a p1ssing contest.

    Ok you p1ss more than the young ones.

    Is that a self appointed title of "Great".

    Maybe I should have just wrote "STFU you dribbling cnut".
  9. Clear, concise and eloquent, I concur with your dissection. Especially the final sentence which I enjoyed immensely.
  10. PMSL!
  11. That's no way to address a matelot who fought at the Battle of Jutland!

  12. Granny, can I touch your sailors collar and be photographed beside you, too? :razz:

    As a slut I may be willing to be chatted up! :biggrin:
  13. It did get removed Royal, and transplanted to the swearing section of this forum.
    I may be old but not completely stupid!!
  14. The right time for you to plead the 5th, me thinks.........
  15. Don't pick on me dabber cos I gave you a hard time about your moderation skills xxxx :wink: :wink: Thats if a skill is needed to moderate :wink:
  16. Wanna ask this lot about my mod skills or ask them if you throw your teddies out too easy?

    What hard time?
  17. OOOOOOOOh dumies being thrown out of pram,s lol.
    Well young MLP and followers nice to no that Taking aleaf out of your windup bookworked LOL LOL
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The vision of my trying to fit into my 'Sailor' suit gave me the shudders. If I had a collar to touch I would love you to be the one to touch it. You wouldn't want to be photographed with this old fart! I wonder if I could remember any 'chat up' lines? :lol:
  19. Good skills shippers.
  20. :evil: The sky was always blue,nobody locked their front doors 8) and Scouts helped old ladies to cross roads. A good hiding never did me any harm; and this was all fields when I were a lad :geek: I still say that the modern rig is like a bag of shit tied up in the middle and the hats like kiss me quick fcuking jokes. :( Hard layers,bench lockers and canteen messing :roll: On draft with kit bag' hammock and that small brown suitcase [still got it] The tot ruled and we of the 1950s; service or civvy; we had the best music ! Now sod off and let me get on with planning our next holiday. :p

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