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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by janner, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    On saturday I joined the ranks of the OAP's (it goes without saying that I neither look or act old enough to be one).

    The day ended well, I won the lottery, only a tenner but better that nothing.

    Today I received my first pension payout, please add ideas for how to live on £114.37p per week to this thread.

    One for Nutty, as part of the lead up to this event I visited the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, which if you remember from the last geography lesson is at Blandford in Dorset (not Wiltshire as some ex pats. believe) their Tanglefoot Ale is as good as ever.

    The beer was named after the head brewer and several assistants spent the evening sampling the new beer whilst trying to think of a name for it. At the end of the evening as he left the brewery the head man fell arse over tit because his feet got tangled up and so a beer was named.

    For those that haven't tried the Hall and Woodhouse real ales I recommend such delights as Tanglefoot and Fursty Ferret.
  2. Fursty Ferret is indeed an excellent ale as is tanglefoot,after a few jars my feet also become untangled from my legs and I fall over!

    An apt name in all aspects.

    Happy Birthday by the way.
  3. Congrats on making it that far.
    Both excellent ales. Have you tried Ringwood brewery Old Thumper? A personal fave is Goddards Fuggle de Dum. If it's real ale, I'm your man.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thumpers good, the real point of the thread was to make Nutty realise that he was missing out on the real stuff. He is refusing to acknowledge the thread so far.
  5. Janner, Nutters is not an OAP..... he's soaking up your share of the sun (it's 22C in Nuttyland today according to my PC) and is Our Man in Mazarron. To be an OAP one must satisfy the following pre-conditions:

    1. Must be grown-up (only grown-ups can become old);
    2. Your wife must be at least 65 (as you're as old as the woman you feel);
    3. The best part of your day is over when the alarm clock goes off/the shaker (you wife) wakes you.


    1. Nutty has yet to grow-up;
    2. Mrs Nutty's only 35;
    3. Nutty's up bright and early to circumnavigate Mazarron with his two fierce, hyperactive guard dogs;

    He isn't an OAP. He's just taking a long, indeterminate, paid vacation where the oranges grow on trees (not in M&S), the brandy flows freely (rather than being measured) and extensions can be obtained as considerably lower cost than in blighty. ;) :thumright:

    PS: I liked all those beers bar the Thirsty stuff which I've never heard of.... :oops: I must try to Ferret some out! :nemo:

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