Old Accomadation Blocks at Faslane

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by yamyamdabber, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Looks fine to me said the man from the slums of Calcutta
  2. Wire brush and Dettol......probs solved ;-)
  3. Site for next Commonwealth Games methinks. 8)
  4. Bloody hell!! dont give them ideas this close to the SDSR and the fact the next one is in Glasgow!! :evil:
  5. What's an 'Accomadation' block ????
  6. Judging by those photos you'd think the games were being held in Paulsgrove!
  7. Puts on Yorkshire accent.

    "Eeee, the luxury. When I were a lad we used to dream of livin' in a crappy bathroom with dodgy tiling and cowboy electrics. These athletes don't know they're born!" :D
  8. I bet you cannot skeg by periscope into the wrens block in Delhi like you could from the bombers berths in Faslane.

    Mind you would you want to?

  9. I always ended up in Bosnia block (sometimes called Boyle) when on a visiting boat..luvverly brown water to wash and shower in plus the constant steam leaks in the corridors 8O

    These sports people don't know luxury when they see it :wink:
  10. I used to LOVE sitting at the window of my cabin, staring out across the loch listening to the radio, watching the horizontal rain going past, as Steve Wright and the gang used to go on about how hot it was in the studio in London etc :evil:

    Still, at least we had electrics in Faslavatory - the SR cabins in Guzz at the time had round pin 5A sockets! To use a kettle, you had to go into the pasageway and use the round pin 15A socket!! Happy days.........?

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