Okay I know its American but.....

If they had of left off those crummy looking Dolphins I might have ordered a mug...:DDDD

Speaking of which, back in 1977 we were in San Diego, Ballast Point and a few of us went up North to Anaheim and Disneyland, on the way back we decided to stop in town and get a tattoo, loads of parlours along the main drag in San Diego of course, anyway, this young French Canadian stoker decided he wants Dolphins on his bicep (bit of a weight lifter type) and so we goaded him on and sure as shit, the Dolphins he carries around for the rest of his life are yankee.....Lol.and he's a part 3, so the ribbing he got from his sea daddy was relentless, good guy though, took it all in stride... :dwarf:
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