Okay, blogbanners ...

They`ll hunt you down Levers , there is no need to cause such alarm in the RN, lets hope no-one else sees this blatant exposure of the Navy`s inefficiency, definitley a breach of Opsec, no doubt by the time you read this you will be an AB. :w00t:
So reassuring to know that HMG are so keen of downsizing the RN that they're prepared to supply equipment capable of sinking our own ships. Now that's taking the concept of efficiency savings a little bit too far, methinks? o_O :roll:


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Blimey - Even Devonshire managed to get a Seaslug Mk1 up in the air and not scare the fishes.

But - as rightly questioned earlier, who put this up? Not a smart move, methinks. Gives the MoD ammunition(!) for their blogbanning.
There's nothing spectacular of opsec about this, all services have failures especially during trials. It's just one of theose thing that happen every day in all the worlds forces.


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But should those failures be made public knowledge? I don't think so. Sort of makes you think MoD may just have a point with the latest DIN when you see videos like this.
There I was sat sitting thinking you only had misfires on the grenade range and with the CHARLIE G. Etc!! MISFIRE RELOAD!! OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN ^_^; Or does that never happen anymore!!!!

I remember the words well. If any of you lot have a misfire with a grenade you are coming out there with me. The striker tests worked well after that small talk. But we still had misfires!!
Interesting debate about what we should and what we shouldn't make public.

To get an answer shouldn't it be determined if this misfire was filmed officially? If so, where did the lack of control happen that allowed this to be posted? Or was it released?

With regard to the MoD statement on Blogs, etc., if this is on a website that has no obvious affiliation with, for example, RR, does that mean that a pre-published document cannot be perpetuated on this site? After it has been released in the public domain?
I think that there is a good call to have some mis-fires and mistakes made public, but only if the MoD fail to rectify the issues that caused the problems. If the MoD are aware of a failings in a system, and yet are still willing to send it off to combat, then that is potentially needlessly putting the lives of all the crew in danger.

I'm afraid that sometimes governments will only respond to what is effectively black-mail, give the lads the kit they need or this is going to the press, something no Minister wants over their head.
Lingyai said:
Bring back seacat and ikara, all is forgiven.
And how many ships put a hole in their flight deck when the Sea Cat decided to go orbital, followed by the return track straight back down. Exocets doing impressions of torpedoes, Mk 10 Lumbar doing a nice surface burst... Weapons failures are not new.
I did wonder how long it would be before this video appeared on the net, for your info yes, it happened a few years ago, september/october of 2005, this part of the vid was shot from the bridge by an OUT, on the ship's video camera. Another video camera was present on the GDP, which gave a different angle of the incident. Both tapes were taken for comparison and submitted for investigation, the copy being shown, was delayed in being sent down from the wardroom.

Copies of this were being shown aroung the fleet within a day of the incident, and was being shown at Whale Island within the week.

The videos were later edited and placed onto a DVD of the Falklands trip that the Gloucester went on to complete and the CO approved the DVD before it being released to the Ships Company, approx 6 months after the incident.
How do I know this, I edited the films, the original copies were given to me, these were then copied on to DVD & CD and sent to Fleet.

Why did I get the tapes? Simple, it was my Missile, I was one of the SDQO's.

If you look at my avatar, maybe you will understand it now.
P.S. It didn't look that bad afterwards, though I did lose a weeks pre-deployment leave fixing the bloody launcher..... ooops :thumright:
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