Ok your worst Sea draft/inboard draft

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Deeps, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. For me it has to be the Nuclear repair barge in Guzz. Full of Tiffys that hated sailors,Senior rank heavy and a complete crap job.
  2. HMS Illustrious. If I ever get drafted back to a carrier I'm going to sellotape my draft order to my jumper and hang myself.
  3. Staff in HMP Collingwood/ Maritime Warfare School, f*cking hateful place.
  4. Any Sultan draft.
    Apart from that its got to be the one i'm on now.
  5. They say the best draft you can have is your last one. Not so In your case
  6. How so?
  7. HMS NORTHUMBERLAND 2002-2003, round the boy at OST, Med deployment and Suez Guardship during Telic, CO was a ******, XO was spineless.
  8. Collingrad...anytime, anyrate, any course - dogsh1t.
  9. Duncan, Fishery Protection'63 . Cold, wet and generally horrible.
  10. Collingwood, working for Cdr (T) in Marlborough. Used to go round the P.O. Tiffs shack to avoid the twat.

    Hurt my arm, so he sent me to the G.I.'s grot to learn how to salute with one arm in a sling.
  11. HMS Challenger in 87/88. What a bloody white elephant that was!
  12. HMS Campbeltown was my worst and my best, does that count?
  13. Cochrane at Rosyth in the 60's when it was 3 accommodation ships, Duncansby Head, Girdleness & Chevron.
    Us greenies were in the after most mess, above the tiller flat, on the Duncansby Head, bathrooms and heads were fwd. and required a walk on the upper scupper past the gangway. If the OOW caught you bimbling past in your towel and flip flops with your dhoby bucket he would go apesh1t.
    The galley and dinning hall was on the Girdleness and the food was sh1te.
    After this, Collingrad was a piece of p1ss.
  14. Every draft to Scotland. Full of drunken Jocks and Punch drunk Geordies, and disaffected Ulsterman, still living the battle of the What ever. Cold wet and missarable. June July and fecking winter. Now I am outside I would rather stick pins in my eyes than cross Adrians wall.
  15. Worst sea draft - Hecla
    Worst Shore job- SM2 in Guzz
  16. Worst sea draft - Spartan, Refit

    Worst Shore job Spartan, Refit

    Drafty could not make up his mind if it was a Shore draft or not...Shame really cause it was my 1 and only shore draft
  17. Worst sea draft: RESOLUTION, build, CSTs, DASO and 1st patrol. 2 and 1 grog (thought this was supposed to be a submarine?). Too many rank conscious skimmers, and too many career orientated officers.
    Worst shore draft: DEFIANCE 1972-74. Allegedly a submarine base, where submariners were 2nd class citizens.
  18. worst shore job: EHJ Coulport, working for a civvy Boss with small man's disease, who had to pull the SR's out of his arse before he could sit down!!!
  19. Enjoyed all my sea drafts. Worst shore: Shiplift Faslane, run by MEs trying to be sailors! Had a WOMEA(M)(SM) try to tell me how to berth a boat and who sucked up to the civies
  20. What? What sort of a tit arsed reply is that? You either got on with your only ship, or you didn't.
    Go on then, explain. I'm always up for some sincerity.

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