Ok...who's parked their ship outside?

Not one of ours. initially thought it was a Canuck Iriqouis class but the apparent funnels either side of the hanger put paid to that.


War Hero
And........ to add to everyones excitement...here's the watchmans hut (the red sheds) that signalled to the world the fate of Capt Scott RN and his attempt to be the first person to the South pole, apparantly Terra Nova rocked up into Ommers harbour and two naval officers came ashore and broke the news. (The real interesting thing is just to the left out of shot is a nice pub).


Ahh, I didn't look for patrol craft just FFs and DDs. Just goes to show that the shot was taken closer than one would have thought.
I'm sure Norway Chris could have told us all about camera shots and distances and lenses ..... etc .. .snigger

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