OK so where have you been?

reading some of the remarks ref us wafus,it crossed my mind to do this,Everyone can join in,small ships should come out tops cos they can get to places that carriers cant. Sorry about the bomber queens unless they were skimmers first.No uk ports no detachments only foreign ports on the grey funnel line.So from memory if you dont know where they are look them up, in no particular order, its understood you will have visited lots of them more than once,excuse some spelling. Vigo, Lisbon Gibraltar,Homs, Barcelona,Brest, Toulon, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice,Istanbul,Malta,Limasol,Famagusta,Naples,Cape Town,Durban,Zanzibar,Mombassa,Aden,Karachi,Colombo,Maldives,singapore,Hong Kong,Bankok,Subic Bay,Paula Tioman,Kobe, Freemantle,Djkarta,Manilla,Jesselton,muscat,Bahrein,Cocos Is,gan,Ascension Is,Lots of little uninhabited islands in the indian ocean and Pacific,where you went ashore with a boatload of beer and a barbie,once or twice withthe Marine band for a sods opera.The best runs ashore were always in uniform, couldnt wear civvies.Do they still stop the ship for Hands to Bathe or has health and safety stopped that


Gib, Souda Bay, trip to the Pyramids as ship transitted Suez, Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Muscat, al-Jubail, Kuwait, Phuket, Penang, Port Klang, Singapore, Manila, Pusan, Hong Kong, Bogmalo in Goa, La Coruna, Bari, Lisbon, Naples, Porto, Barcelona, Key West, Tortola, Antigua, Grand Cayman, Barbados, Curacao, Cartagena, Kingston, Anguilla, Martinique, Monserrat, New York, Mayport, Malta.

I think that's the lot.

We still did hands to bathe in 2003.


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Bomber Queens ...... Port Canaveral! Finest of the lot, though, was back in 1969, to Bali - before it had an airport. Oh and Australia - went once, in 1968, and it was shut!


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in 1982/3 I did Gib,Port Sudan,Colombo,Diego Garcia (a few times), Mombassa (twice), Dar Es Salam, Karachi,Mauritius,Bahrain,Zanzibar. I can recommend none except for Bahrain and Mauritius
Singapore, Paula Tioman, Penang, Gan, Sychelles, Kuching, Tawau, Sandakan, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malta, Leghorn. Athens, Istanbul, Haifa, Algiers, Cape Verde Islands, Freetown, Lagos, Takorardi, Tema, St Johns NF, Quebec, Montreal, Kingston Ont. Toronto, Buffalo, Detroit, Halifax, New York, Haurgasand, Bergen, Stavanger, Helsinki, Lubeck, Keil, Cherbourg, Lorient, Bayonne, Lisbon.

Handicap's, South African, Comminist and Spanish Ports out of bounds, Suez Canal Shut. Persian Gulf only for Gulf Squadron (nobody else would go to the the fly infested place)

Best Detroit
Worst Quebec



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Oslo, Bodo, Tromso, Harstaad, Kristiansand, Rejkavik, (All on a skimmer) Kiel, St Malo, L'orient, Stavangar, Haurgasand, Ghent, Lisbon, Gib, Cartagena, Malta, Island of Elba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Tortola, St Thomas, Bermuda, Baltimore, Boston, Halifax (NS), St Johns (NF), La Geura, Port for Panama City , Callao (Peru), Valparaiso,
Pitcairn Island (x2), Papeete (X2), Suva, Nukalofa, Villa(New Hebrides), Djarkarta, Cairns, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, Paula Tioman, Hong Kong, Kure, Yokosuka, Bangkok, Sattahip, Azores, Ascension, Falklands, Bali, Goa, Diego Garcia, Bahrein, Banda Abbass, Colombo, Mauritius, Simonstown, St Helena, Las Palmas, Alexandria. (All on a boat and not in any particular order)

Deleted 7

Kiel (few times), Archangel, Murmansk, Tromso, St. Petersburg, some rouge Russian Island, Finland, Gib (too many times), Souda Bay (few times), Athens, Malta ( a few times), Naple, Various places in Spain, Mombassa (few times), Cape town, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Dubai (gulf regions a few times), Scotland (too many times), Dublin ( a few times), Channel Islands, Egypt, Falklands, Poland (3 times), Riga.

And some other places I can’t remember the names of.


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Gibralter, Ascension Island, St Helena, Cape Town, Durban, Mombasa, Masirah, Bombay, Gan, Penang, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Olongapo (Subic Bay), Kobe, Fremantle, Cyprus, Kavalla, Malta, Brest, Rotterdam,Orkneys, Harstad, St John, Halifax (Nova Scotia), Quebec, Montreal, Hamburg, Naples, Athens, Palma, Virgin isles, Puerto Rico, Ft Lauderdale, Norfolk VA, Mayport, Trinidad, Barbados, Bruges. I think thats about all.


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Tingara said:
Subic-never knew rn ships were there,when was this?
I was on the Albion 1971-73 on its last commission out in the Far Flung. In September 1971 we paid a 4 day visit to Olongapo. Can still feel the ride in the Jeepneys. It was a painful visit for at least 100 of the crew. Within a fortnight of leaving 'Pubic Bay' they were on a course of penicilin. Still not as bad as the yanks though, they had two of their people shot dead within yards of the dockyard gate.