Ok, if offered would you take it!

Now I left the RN and started my new job 2 months ago, after 22+boys time I was ready to go, although offered EC5 my wife and I decided it was time I left, due to many factors already discussed in this forum. I don't miss it at all, will nostalgia slowly creep up on me, I don't think so, as I left RN Engineering is in a pitiful state.
This isn't just a tiffs/mech post, but is there anyone out there, if offered would drop their civilian life and revisit the Andrew. If so why? Don't say I miss the craic, because I know there is plenty of characters out there be they ex forces or not who can give that banter albeit less coarse.
Would you go back in if they offered a financial incentive?
I know a lot of guys 3/4 years ago who were never offered EC, and were deeply disappointed, also guys who got compulsory redundancy and didn't want it. So to those guys out there, who didn't want to leave, would you?
I left 5 years ago, I was offered 2OE (10) and turned it down. Best thing I ever did, JFH was thrown in the gutter 6 months later!!!

So i'd be down at VL or CU commuting now. Left the Mob on the same pay I was on whilst in plus my pension, however have gone through two rounds of redundancy and survived them.

Was a shock first time I went to the dentist and had to get the debit card out. :(
When I left the RN in 1985 on completing 22 years I was extremely pleased to be going.
I never regretted going and for the first 7 years worked with the RN as a field engineer for BAe, considering that all I had done was swapped blue overalls for white ones I was amazed at the difference in the treatment I was given by hoccifers. They actually listened and acted on my advice instead of ignoring it.
Later links with the RN were cut and I worked in the Tobacco industry, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Only problem was until I reached 55 I had nightmares that the RN may recall me especially as times were more troubled.
Would I return voluntarilly to the RN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
I left after completing 2OE(10) and still work within the submarine community, would I go back.............no chance unless it was for jollies only.
I've been thinking about this question a lot recently. I'm joining the RNR and have my AIB coming up soon. I've been told one of the questions to expect could be:

"If we offered you the opportunity right now, would you consider joining full time?"

My current situation is reasonably comfortable, wife, two kids, nice house etc. the offer would have to be something seriously good to change that. The RNR fits in well with my current lifestyle, just enough time away to do my bit, earn some beer tokens and have an outlet from the daily grind of family life. In a couple of years time once the kids are in school, I'd like to bang in the odd deployment to top up the bank balance a bit and get some runs ashore in.

For me the reality of rejoining full time, would mean uprooting the wife and kids from a fairly idyllic life in the countryside and taking a pretty substantial drop in salary. If they weren't part of the picture I probably would consider rejoining, but only as an officer and probably only for one job that really appeals to me.

In summary, unless I find out the missus is banging the postman or they offer me a seat in an F35, it aint happening
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I was on the very first 2OE signal in 86, great I thought, but 3 years later thought "what the f--k am I doing this for, then a threatened draft to Faslane finished it for me. 18 months notice went in and I dont regret it at all. Nor do I regret joining, would I do it again, not the way the mob appears to be now. Plus i wouldn't be seen dead in the new JR's No 1 (if they still call them 1's)
I left in 1975 missed it for a short while,But not once have i longed to go back .What i can make of the service now (standfast the men and women) is that it is in my own words crap .When i was in it was full of hot air and promises for the future things would gey better etc (never did ) .Now its just nothing boardering on a gunboat service and you all that is the serving personell get kicked in the teeth with pay and the threat of redundancy (nothing new there realy )I had thirty wonderful working years when i came out and and have got the rewards for all that now so yes i am happy and glad i never had the inkling to go and try again
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**** I. I thought that I was the only one having nightmares about being back in the mob. No I would not go back, toooooooo ferking old.
I was offered a fifth five when nearly time expired in 1975, and gave it serious consideration, but since there was no guarantee that a sixth five would be available in due course, I turned it down on the grounds that seeking employment at 40 would be easier than at 45, as was subsequently proved. As for rejoining the mob (given the required fitness levels and disregarding current age), no thank you. I've read the "WO2" thread, and others like it, and have genuine sympathy for the posters. We all know that Jack is renowned for dripping, but usually with a smile on his face, and some of the green rubs that appear to be "normal routine" in today's Navy outdo anything I ever encountered in my time. I'm just glad I served my time when I did and am quite content to sit back and enjoy my pension(s).

We made a recruiting film at Raleigh entitled "Catch me going back?" and "starring" some bloke from "Crossroads", (a supposedly popular TV soap), my answer to that question in today's climate would be an emphatic "Not on your Nellie!".



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Left last month after 22 years. Career manager wanted me to ask for an extension of service so I could sit on the 2OE board. Told him to shove it :):)
The RN is going down the pan and I would never go back!!


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At AFCO level we get a fair few guys rejoining, mainly those who've served under ten years only to discover the grass isn't always necessarily greener than anticipated.

I got offered 2OE, served about a year of it and a hoop of a boss (automatically promoted to Lt Cdr through academic attainment rather than ability) made my mind-up. On the way out, Gulf War two was still in progress and I got the obligatory phonecall - "Erm, fancy rejoining - The war's lasting longer than anticipated and we need Type 23 CPO ME's". Click, buzz.

Saw a Careers Adviser's job coming-up in my area, applied, got it.

With regard the mob being different/ "all the fun has gone"/ you don't get any decent trips, etc., - Everyone told me that when I joined too, it's just a case of each rolling generation taking it as they find it.

Would I re-join? Nah, I've had my fun & thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would I have my time over again? An emphatic: Yes.


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Did 25 years, left in 2011 after EC but was stitched by my own Branch Manager in my last job - never trust a Reggy, eh..? :roll:

So while I was hacked off by the nature of how it ended, I was glad it did when it did. I had some laughs and some close scrapes, but I could not wait to go. My "work v life" balance is much better now, as is my mindset (very positive outlook, as opposed to being a bitter and twisted old fart who can't let it go). Other than RR, I hardly have any contact with anything to do with the RN; don't attend reunions, haven't joined any associations, attend Remembrance Day in mufti with nothing to identify my background.

The legacy of my time in the Mob is the HE/FE Funding that I am currently using through the ELCAS Scheme which is paying for my next degree, thankyouverymuchly... :thumbleft:

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