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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Mod edit: Now, now, this is for advice, if you wish to make a dig, please start a thread in DL or the Qtr
    ask me if I`m bovvered

    OK so I made a dig, whoever did the MOD edit have the decency to show yourself, Newbies is Moderated by Moderators, so own up, is there no humour on this site?
  2. Bump

    This thread is not going away, own up.
  3. They wont hig,they never do.i'm still waiting for my apology from Seadick!
  4. But this was the Newbies thread, It`s moderated by all Moderators, surely one of them has the guts to own up? after all it was the very same Mod that suggested i start this thread. Hey Ho says Roly :w00t:
  5. I think the silence from the Mod's means, "have you ever given birth to a child?"
  6. You`ve lost me there Andy, do you mean Seacock?

    Lets look at the Newbies,

    FFS how many bone questions are there? If they have to come on Rum Ration to ask a stupid question, Potentional Officers included, then there is something drastically wrong with the Recruiting Officers, It`s as simple as that. If you people cannot see that simple fact, then you are a lot thicker than i thought you were.

    So come on Mod who are you?
  7. Hig I must admit your comment on the Newbies site was fecking hilarious

    -----------however :farao: :farao:

    it wasn't deleted 'cos I quoted it on my post aswell and its still showing .

    In a way though the guy seems genuine so deserves possibly a bit of sympathy so the mod was right in a way using the eraser .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. On the Anything I can do thread, my comment has been deleted, remarks reference i want to serve. I`d just like the Mod who advised me to start this thread, to own up and give his/her reasons for a sense of humour failure, now thats not too much to ask, or is it? :whew:
  9. OK - I give in, what did you say and where did you say it?

  10. ... never mind; found it. It was funny, but not especially offensive. You've been much worse than that before mate.

  11. I thought it was funny and if the newbie in question finds it offensive I would hate to see what he will be like if he ever gets to serve
  12. Have to agree with you on this one Hig and I am as guilty as the next guy for making sarcastic but hopefully humerous comments.
    FFS the guy who wanted advice on whether to take a case or holdall to Raleigh. If that had been one of my priorities when I joined up I think I would have worried!! Just my two pennies worth :thumright:
  13. Bumpity Bump, own up.
  14. For what it's worth I thought it was pretty funny!!
  15. I`m not going away, even our strictest censors, Searat and PTP Say who they are and why.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    And the edited bit?

    But where would we be without humour?

  17. Fark sake, hig get a life will you, a simple edit. Why oh farking why do you insist on throwing teddies.

    It was me, do I care, nope. After the AP issue and the newbies forum, this section is being watched. I do, apologise, however, if I am not able to read everything, I do have a life not revolving around RR.

    Sad git
  18. Then if it was you, why didn`t you say so in the first place?, as for throwing teddies, jeeeez, odd how you can call people a Sad Git. Pregnancy is no excuse for ignorance. Feel free to lecture me on not having a child, Now that you have had the guts to own up, we can put this thread, that you told me to start, to sleep.If you have a life outside RR, shouldn`t you be doing that instead of Moderating? I`m sure you would be happier.

    THE END.
  19. Jenny
    There was a world of difference between the AP issue and the little bit of p!sstaking.
    I don't believe that we need to handle newbies with kid gloves, let's face it if they are unable to take a little banter on RR how the flying fcuk are they going to survive in the real world?
  20. Some of the questions asked in the newby thread deserve p*sstaking. There is a time when people have to start taking charge of their lives and making decisions for themselves. If they fail to do this prior to joining, I feel life will be pretty difficult once they are in.
    For what its worth, I thought Higs comment was justified(and amusing) :w00t:

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