Oil rigger Jobs?

Right heres the deal, I'm 19, just left the TA to join the Mob as a CT sometime next year. Want a job on Oil Rigs for something different, sick of working as a McMong. If I'm still working at McShit when I'm 20 I fear I may end it all.

So has anyone got any contacts re work on Oil Rigs as a Roustabout or Rigger?

Much Obliged.
You are unskilled and unemployable as a rigger. My sister works the rigs in a relatively unskilled role and earns shitloads. Try that instead.

If you are joining the Navy next year, just get something to tide you over.
Hi Frigate23!

Welcome to Rum Ration!

This isn't the answer to your question, but I just wanted to check that you have already progressed your application for CT and are securely anchored somewhere on the waiting list, rather than merely thinking about it.
Waiting for interview atm buddy.

I seriously need something to do in the mean time, other than flip the burgers, wait a min I don't even flip them, a machine does it.

What does your sister do and how did she get recruited? I've sent CVs to Oil job websites/recruitment agencies.
Forget the rigs. You need to get through a massive waiting list, after being paper-sifted, interviewed, selected, do your safety courses and wait for a space. Ring any bells? :wink:

If you want to do something different and you have a trade, do some volunteer work.

Firstly, browse the Interview thread and pay special attention to the crucial sixth post, the one by Ninja, to prepare for your interview.


This may sound tangential but, it struck me that it could be more difficult to keep up your running and fitness during your waiting period if you were stuck in the middle of the North Sea rather than on land.

Jonno's advice sounds spot on, by the way.

If you are really fed up at McDs, could you look for something else in a similar vein but which you find more enjoyable, until you start Basic? I'm thinking of something like Costa Coffee or somewhere; they would value your previous experience, I would imagine and it may be more to your taste.

Also leaves you time for swimming, running etc. By the way, you could also do a college course in the evenings, something like electronics, which you might find stimulating. As Jonno says, helping out somewhere would be worthwhile, too.
Its easy to get a job on an oil rig!

All you need is experience in the field that you want to get in to. A BOSIET & HUET. The ability to work in close confines with the other 100 to 180 guys onboard. The ability to get by on 5 hours sleep per day and the ability to swing the lamp at every oppertunity.
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