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I’m “Dosser†(something to do with getting drunk and sleeping in wierd places :oops: ), 23 years old from sunny Glasgow. I guess you can tell I am new to this forum, so please play nice :-?

I thought I may as well put my first post in the Newbie section, so here goes.

I joined this forum to look for tips to help me prepare, I plan to join Her Majesty’s Corps of Royal Marines next September after completing college next year, and have found some very good posts in the Corps section (will continue to dig before making bone posts tho :thumright: ). Although it does make me realise I have a long way to go and a short time to get there. I was going to join the TA in the mean time but as the AFCO says I will need to forget everything the tell me so...

I realised just how fit I am not, but my dedication and commitment will get me there, I’m hoping. Still nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. Stop dreaming and start training, eh…

I was never good at introductions so "Hello."



Lantern Swinger
Getting drunk and sleeping in wierd places should stand you in good stead with Royal!!!!!

No stupid questions and you seem to know where you are going so I will say good first post and wellcome to RR.



Cheers folks.

C’mon sgtpepperband, be serious now :roll: .

Everyone knows the bandies only accept the uber-elitė, being a mere mortal I’ll have to set my attentions on becoming a Grav 8) .


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