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oi oi Shippers! Welcome onboard


Deleted 7

Its 08:00, muster on the flight deck and fall in! Its watch on deck and the CBM is not a happy chappy like always!

(How jack is that!!)

Any way, wanted to say WELCOME!
DaleTheSnail said:
At least here, we can hurl over the side. On a train you have to try and get it out of the window.

Thanks for the welcome!

She lies like a dawg, I've seen her driving at 70mph round hairpin bends in third while throwing up out of the drivers window, smoking a cig and brushing her teeth....... I'm still suffering the flash backs..... 8O

Oh and hello, nice new board, who's on the bell?

Beebs x
Another one adrift. I shall get my cap.

After saying that ARRSE was sufficient I seem to have changed my mind.
Nice to see some ARRSE members aboard and that includes the Pongos and Crabs.
Eddie_Hitler said:
But I get seasick on the train ffs..................... 8O

Make a visit to the sick bay, Doc will give you some sea sickness tablets. But remember to start taking them 24hrs before going to sea!

Failing that, sick back and hold on. Even the old and bold will suffer from sea sickness, well maybe in a force 9!


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