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Oh yes, caught me out good and proper

How embarrassed am I

:D :D :D
Well, yes, I thought "she" was cute.
Dreadful, but I know that, as I'm among friends that are understanding, I won't get any sh1t flung at me.
Every now and then I can see the missuses (is that a word?) shoulders move as she insists on sniggering.
Glad I told her :(
Poooor Lamri. :nemo:

You see where heterosexuality leads. Now if you liked pulling manly types with rough, bristle-studded faces you'd have been OK.... not with Mrs Lamri perhaps ;)

I'm always safe because I operate on the tested principle that if its flat chested, rough skinned, bass voiced and furry in the right places it must be a bloke, whereas women (typically) have smooth skin, hair in the wrong places and their voices sound like POGIs ;)


War Hero
I would swim through an ocean of turds with my mouth prized open to rise at the other end and gratefully suck on the c0ck of the last man who nailed her up the Gary Glitter.

Remember fellas.... Shagging birds is for poofs.
lukep said:
I would swim through an ocean of turds with my mouth prized open to rise at the other end and gratefully suck on the c0ck of the last man who nailed her up the Gary Glitter.

Remember fellas.... Shagging birds is for poofs.

Or those that haven't experienced "real sex" yet...... :lol:


War Hero
After looking at her picture and reading the preceding posts I have given it my due consideration and decided, yes I would, as long as she is old enough. I wouldn't want to marry her but at least you can't get her up the duff.

There's a 'woman' who works at my local Sainsbury's. She's about 6' 4", hands like shovels and an Adam's apple the size of a cricket ball. Her face would make Joseph Merrick appear handsome. And no, I wouldn't.
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