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Discussion in 'RFA' started by C.Morgan, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Hey all.

    Received a letter today telling me that my application cannot be processed any further due to dual nationality.
    It's kind of annoying though because I had phoned and spoke to recruiters a few time's about the subject and was assured that having a British Passport was enough.

    "If you do have British Nationality,and you could supply a copy of your naturalisation certificate,we can the reopen your application"

    After speaking with family members I was informed that I never had a naturalisation certificate because I never needed one due to the fact my Mother is a British national.

    Surely having (only) a British Passport,National insurance number,having lived in Scotland for the past 25 years and going to school,paying taxes etc etc would qualify me as British citizen?
  2. Sorry to hear that..... Can you not get a naturalisation cert just to satisfy the recruiters?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  4. Perhaps being a pseudo Jock is the problem. I mean if the plan works you will be an alien again in August:blob8:
  5. Can you or would you renounce your other nationality?

    Can't see why they are asking for naturalisation if you were born a British citizen. :-/
  6. Funny you should say that.

    My brother has worked as UK civil serpent in London and more recently for Scottish Government for 4 years. Married a Japanese lass. She came in on a visa (not sure which one and I suspect they buggered it up somehow as he is never really clear when I ask), they have had two children born here, she has been UK resident for around 6 years. Recently deported. Marriage to British national irrelevant, settled location irrelevant, not working irrelevant (as per the visa conditions so not a work one, obviously), assets / full time employment of spouse / savings able to support entry irrelevant, children do not count according to UKBA.

    Funny old world, innit?
  7. Unless they catergorately state don't bother applying again, keep applying. For other branches if you want. On another occasion with less apps received, you might be successful.
  8. My mother said I never got one.

    The whole story is.....I was born in an American naval hospital in Rota Spain. Mother Scottish and Father American. Lived on a Naval base for two years until my Mother brought me to Scotland. I do have an American passport,that has not been valid since I was two years old (has the corners cut off). Held a British passport for the last 25 years.

    I explained all of this to a couple of folk at recruiting and someone on the live chat and they all said that as long as I have a valid British passport and the right to abode in the U.K I'll be fine.

    I was at least hoping to get to do the test before I failed :p

  9. That is tragic mate. I'm sorry to hear that.
  10. Try again next time C.Morgan, you never know.
  11. Blimey the decision seems very harsh then.

    Like has been said, try again, as maybe it's because there are loads of applications to get through and they are using the slightest blip to bin an applicant to whittle them down!
  12. I hope you are right. Ninja did point out in another thread that they are really tight on dual nationals.

    Does not explain why I was told by recruiters that I'll be fine. Explained everything to them, Mum and Dads nationality,place of birth etc etc.

    When you say "try again" do you mean wait until the next intake or just brass neck it and go for it again before the 21st of July?
  13. The people on the end of the 0845 number are not RFA personnel. Its somewhere in Northampton advising on criteria stipulated by the RFA and doing the initial admin ( sending out apps then forwarding completed to Pompey) Your eligability would have agreed with the basic RFA criteria they have been given, but it looks like, as previously said, they need to whittle down the apps for the sift. Hang tight til the next intake then try again. You never know.
  14. The number I phoned started 0160. I get what you are saying. I'll try again next time and in the mean time get hold off some paper work.

    I'm a man with out a country haha.
  15. That's the spirit. Get the necessary paperwork and try again.
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  16. I have just realised that it is Friday the 4th of July..... INDEPENDACE DAY!!!!! Hahaha

    Kinda poetic huh? haha
  17. Same as 5o'clock said.
    Exactly the right attitude. A negative into a positive. Keep the spirit high, apply again.
    If you want it bad enough you'll get there eventually I'm sure.
    At least now you know a little more of what is required so next time you'll be even more prepared.

    Keep an eye on the website for vacancies coming up and keep ringing them.

    Good luck with getting in and I hope you stay on here :)
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  18. Interesting that you are a dual national of a country that is a very strong ally and that is still a bar. Keep pushing, keep appealing, possibly apply that logic.
  19. 01604 probably. Thats Northampton. You should phone Recruitment in Pompey, its 02392 725371.
    Good luck.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014

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