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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Who to support next year then?

    Holland perhaps?

    Personally, I think that England going out of Euro 08 might not be a bad thing.
    Maybe the players (apart from Crouch IMO) will have a long hard look at themselves :)
  2. does that mean i dont have to suffer overpaid nellies on Tv?
  3. You don't have to suffer them anyway Andy. Plenty of comics for you to read ;)
  4. Oh well, footie free summer, plus Im an Argyle fan, bad day for me, oh just been told at sea for the weekend, it doesnt get any better.....
  5. Let's hope so.
    All I am going to say is this-
    My team of 11 ladies have more fire in our bellies on a run around the astro turf every weekend than the jokers tonight.
  6. All the national teams are nothing more than a bunch of grossly overpaid useless posers, now rugby that's a mans game.
  7. In agreement with you on that finky
  8. The long faces on the Engerland boss and others on the sidelines, compared to the active participation of the Croatian boss says it all.
    Massive salaries do not a team make.
    What on earth during a damp, cold evening was all this constant swigging from a bottle of water; some sort of dummy?
  9. Other than Crouch, did any England player look like he was trying ? Sorry all you England fans, we BLEW IT. Not good enough to compete with Europe's best, and fortunately, the embarrasment stops NOW, As for McLaren, was never up to the job on his own, and nobody at Argyle want him either, cos tomorrow, he's out of a job !
  10. I remember the Scottish national team boss complaining that they had to play an 'insignificant european country'.
    I wonder which EU countries regard Scotland as being insignificant, a fair amount I'd guess.
    If that is the attitude displayed by ANY UK football boss then it is hardly likely to lead to success. It doesn't matter which region of the union they come from.
    A lot of Croatian national players also play in the Italian league system, hardly insignificant.
    Moral of the story:
    Get your finger out.
    Get on with it, and damn well WIN; which is why you are there in the first place.
  11. So when did he say this? Where did you get this quote from??? I would hardly call France, Italy and Ukraine insignificant?

    Why do the English always have to bring Scotland into it because they are sh!te. If Scotland had been in that group Scotland would have qualified.


    Scotland, Scotland, Scotland
  12. IF IF IF.
    That is one of the problems with Scotland, me Laddy, just like England -FULL of excuses.
    You didn't qualify, we didn't qualify. End of.
  13. The Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, I say we shun these clearly inferior European teams, and go for a Five Nations instead.

    No? I'll get my coat!
  14. No if's or excuses from us.

    We done extremely well in our group. Nobody gave us a hope from the start. So for our own destiney to be in our own hands going in to the last qualifier against the world champions is brilliant.

    In 47 qualifying games since 1994, France have been beaten a total of 3 times, two of those defeats have been home and away by Scotland in this qualifying campaign.

    Scotland can hold their heads up high and PROUD.
  15. Football free --no frigging chance they'll still swamp the channels
    with the qualifiers games.

    Mind you might be worth watching just to see some good games.
    Players not posers

    :nemo: :nemo:
  16. Croatia
  17. Still out though.
  18. Not quite.We've enhanced our international standing & moved up the seedings.England have decreased in the eyes of the world & dropped in the seeding.The Italian Couch stated "He feared Scotland more than France".We have significantly improved as a team,England seem to be going in reverse.I think their failure to qualify will do them good,for too long now they've scraped through with lacklustre performances against poor teams & deluded themselves that they were world class.A good hard look at themselves,major changes in the national structure & England will be back at the top where they belong. The Golden Generation?????????? Get real!
  19. Perhaps now he will believe what the papers have been saying. I never like him from the day he was appointed, and I hope he will apologise to Erikson for what he said about him.

  20. And played mainly by the sons of gentlefolk.

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