Oh to be young again

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by PedlarP, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Oh to be young again
    There were mismusters, slop chits, tot time and pay
    There’s rising and shining and hitting the hay
    There’s thickers and strongers and neaters as well
    There’s DQ’s and chokey and the tiller flat cell
    There’s aft and there’s for’ard, abeam and abaft
    To civvies this cackle seems awfully daft
    But to those in the Andrew it doesn’t seem strange
    Like the draft chits the Jossman can always arrange
    We’re always being seen off and getting green rubs
    And chasing up rubbers and looking for subs
    And going ashore like a great herd of cattle
    And getting filled in and put in the rattle
    There’s runs out to Honkers that to Jack are just fine
    There’s times when we say, “Roll on my time.”
    And when time comes and we’re out on the dole
    In old civvy street, where we don’t know a soul
    We think of the good times and wish we were back
    In bells, silk and lanyard… A real tiddly Jack!
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  2. But now us old farts have now had our time
    It's a chance for the youngsters to stand in line
    Times have changed and ships are now few
    But Jack is the same and he still downs a few
    The DFs have gone and so has the tot
    Is this a bad thing? Perhaps it is not
    Young lads & lassies have replaced the old tars
    Do they have more sense or are they always in Bars?
    Bet they still get pissed off when they get a pierhead jump
    Or a non preference draft bet they still get the hump
    Well we had our time and it all ended fine
    Time to hand over let them enjoy their time.
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  3. I'm having these for the next Traf night cheers

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