Oh, they were the days. Breakfast anyone?

Breakfast of Champions.

You could actually do that on board a real submarine. LMEM on the bunk under mine would get a shake to go on watch at ****'o'clock in the morning and I always heard the following:-
"Phsssssssssssssttttt!" (one tin being opened).
The unmistakeable sound of a Zippo being activated, quickly followed by "glug-glug-glug" and a few seconds of coughing and retching. Fag smoke drifting up the side of my mattress and then the sound of curtains being swished back before the empty tin got hand-crunched and dropped into the bunk tray.
What a great life we had!
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Piper was drunk by those who wanted to look tough as the can was very thin and easy to crush. What was the yellow peril? Seem to recall that was McEwans in a yellow tin. But CSB Mmmmmmmmmm, been my downfall on many occasions, either in tin or tap form.
Wasn't Piper the tinnies that had pictures of different Jocks in Frocks on the cans???

CSB ... Courage Sparkling Brainache! Many a time lost due to that stuff! As for Septics ... whats the difference between American Beer and Making Love in a punt?????????? Can always remember loading a couple of Yanks on BSB in Hawaii in the mess ... they were just coming on for a couple of pints :) they lost 2 days of their lives!
Those were the one MGM. On a stopover in the states some septic navy divers were in the mess pissing up except for one, who, it turned out, didn't drink because he belonged to some weird cult. Asked him if fizzy apple juice was OK, he said yes. After a few Blackthorns we had to take him off in a Neil Robertson. He didn't turn up the next day and the other divers said he'd gone to see his guru to get "purged". They put on a barrel as they'd been trying to get him pissed for ages :)
On the subject of Septics and CSB ... was on leave in Septicland with the Pash of the Moment who happened to be a Septic. We were up in the frozen northlands driving over some mountain pass which due to the amount of snow falling was shut behind us ... so coming down the other side of the mountain in white-out conditions ... heater and windscreen wipers going full blast I see some approaching lights of a ski resort on the lower slopes ... so deciding I needed a beer after the total concentration of keeping us on the straight and narrow down the mountain I pulled in ... and there was a sign "Courage Amber" so I decided to try a pint ... Barman warns me its strong stuff imported especially from the UK to which I piinted out you cant have the words "strong" and "courage" in the same sentence! Anyway ... took one mouthful and realised ... its 'kin CSB! Seems Courage decided to break into the Septic Market and rebadged good old Cusbee as "Courage Amber" at 5% proof! No wonder the barman warned me due to the fact that most of his customers were Septics and used to the normal ditchwater at 3.5% not CSB falling down water!
They had it at the Holiday Inn at Groton in the late 70s. We were only in a week and the management had got extra in, needless to say within 24 hours we had drunk it all, in 3 days we had cleared Connecticut s months supply and starting on New York States supply which they had got sent up. Happy Days or was it daze.
Ah, Sunday breaky on patrol - grapefuit seggies - must be Sunday!

And perhaps a little tinny of Blackdeath with lunch!

On the booze dit front, the Skipper (Paul B) knocked on the mess door in San Diego and asked us if we would make sure our guests were capable of walking off his submarine!
On our visit to the Falklands, a pongo medic came down for a look around courtesy of the LMA. During the evening the OOD knocked on the SR's mess door and asked who owned the camouflage carpet on 2 deck. There was the pongo spark out on the deck. Turned him in in the bunkspace, next morning there was a very confused hungover medic wandering the boat wondering where the **** he was!
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