Oh S**t ! (Asteroid Heading This Way)


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Four posts in before anyone has a clue (without opening the link) WTF the thread is about, Bruce Willis clue notwithstanding.

Title edited to help readers decide if it is worth looking further.
I'll be near enough dead by then so great...I'm going outside to watch the fireworks. Bet the bastard lands on me when I'm having my final BBQ and homebrew!
Don't care anyway!!!!
Topstop said:
I`m going to start yoga lessons so I can kiss my arse good by when the time comes.
Yoga is too painful just sit on top of the photocopier then kiss the image, failing that look for a very good friend.
Very few experts seem to consider a "grazing" pass through our atmosphere. As I see it, good news that there is no Earth shattering explosion but bad news that it may drag a very large volume of atmospheric gases out to Space. Additionally, every fiery tail in the sky consumes some of the oxygen we may need to breath some day.
Nothing to worry about. Its guidance system was designed by Kim Il Sung...

Seriously though, we've had more than our share of unnecessary panics about these. They can sometimes pass the Earth at very close proximity like this one, but are extremely unlikely to hit us. I'd stop worrying about that and worry instead about Yellowstone Park going up in lava, global warming or the catastrophic destruction of the ozone layer by solar emissions..... all of which have the potential to destroy most life on earth, except for extremophile bacteria, perhaps.
One_Eyed_Willy said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
One_Eyed_Willy said:
Death. The only thing certain in life
Unless you're religious.... then you live forever, surrounded by virgins, grapes, sunlight and all that.
No i def gonna die, anything that comes after that is a bonus
I do find myself wondering though.... if you die as a martyr for Islam, are the guaranteed and perpetual virgins always clad in a burqa or nothing?
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