Oh no not our baby

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. I've sent your postings to the "gash",
    You make my thread a load of trash,
    To you I've slammed the CA door,
    You ain't posting in my thread no more.
    Yakety yak don't talk back.

    I've cleaned up this forum room,
    See the dust fly from my broom,
    Sweep your opinions out of sight,
    Cus you all talk a load of shite,
    Yakety yak don't talk back.

    I've now put on my new tin hat,
    Your post's are at the laundromat,
    You argued with me that's a sin,
    I've locked my thread,
    You can't come in,
    Yakety yak, don't talk back.

    You lot don't give me my respect,
    My credentials now are wrecked,
    And there's one final big insult,
    The bastard's in here called me "Walt"
    Yakety yak, don't talk back.

    I'll tell my mummy what they've done,
    Yes back home to her I think I'll run,
    God I'm taking loads of stick,
    Maybe its cus I'm a prick.
    Yakety yak, they all talked back.
  2. I think I've just twigged who you're on about. Perhaps purple prose may have been more appropriate. [​IMG]
  3. I had thought of Purple Haze by Prince (The Artist) but knowing my luck he might be "The Prince", and I hear the towers cold this time of year. 8O :(
  4. This was the alternative to the one I posted, so just this then I'll be very good. :roll:

    Its based on "Lord its hard to be humble" by Mac Davis.

    Oh lord its hard to be humble,
    When you moderate Current Affairs,
    I'm a legend down here in my forum,
    But I don't think that anyone cares,
    But still my mummy loves me,
    She knows I'm an important man,
    Oh lord its hard to be humble but,
    I'm doing the best that I can.

    I used to have credentials,
    That would get me most places in life,
    But I chose to bestow my favour ,
    On RR and its lower life,
    Oh how they should adore me,
    Not treat me the way they did,
    If I was the skipper of this lowlife shite,
    Most would be lifting their lid.

    I used to have a nice pram,
    And play with all of the boys,
    But then they started to argue,
    And I had to throw out mt toys,
    They then said that I was a Walter,
    So these Morons can all go to hell,
    I heard what they said,
    So I'm locking the thread,
    As I've spit out my dummy as well.

    Well I care not if they're nasty,
    And say naughty things about me,
    I know that I'll never be lonely,
    I treasure my own company,
    They are a bunch of sad bastards,
    As an important person I know,
    And Sussex can go take a big flying jump,
    I'm superior to him and I know.

    I hate that bastard Rum rat,
    He challenged my right to declare,
    I've influence right up in high places,
    I told him but he didn't care,
    He must be so totally stupid,
    Not knowing that I'm a top man,
    Whats he in the big scheme of planning?
    Just a set of lips stuck to a can.

    Oh lord its hard to be humble,
    When your perfect in every way,
    And when I look in the mirror,
    Well tell me lord what can I say,
    I am a government official,
    I arbitrate for the state,
    I've everything a top dog should have,
    And Dave Cameron is my mate.

    So there. :twisted: :cry: :cry:

  5. :cheers: :thumbleft: :thumbright: :wav: :wav: :1: :clap: :clap: :clap: :sign5: :laughing5: :laughing5: :laughing5: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3:
  6. Wot he sed. :)
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Very good, but so subtle too. I'm not sure who you're referring to. :lol:
  8. Fair to say it`s Seadog..Current Affairs Moderator who could give a wooden horse the shits...

    An if it`s not...it should be...

  9. Uncle A you obviously have missed Oh No its him again post :p
    Though I do think seaboot could wear the cap :p
  10. I think you will find its more to do with Twiglets. :roll: :wink:
  11. :idea: Could be JD's Bro: Brave, brash and rash, innit :?:
  12. Would that be a "brother and child reunion",
    Thats perfect in every way :roll: :oops:
  13. Do you think that Mr wannabee is getting the message?
  14. Adam Ant aynone??

    I'm the friggin M-O-D, that your too scared to mention,
    I've loads of cash,I'm posh and flash,and I want your attention.
    The Devil take your comments, and your rubbish post collection,
    You old farts with your sad lives are a waste of a good pension.

    I'm real important, I can cause you strife,
    I'm real important, You ain't got a life.

    I'm the dandy M-O-D, so sick of your gum bashing, the clumsy post's and stupid boasts, that you all think "so dashing"
    What's the point of writing them? when nothing is worth reading,
    It's kind of tough to tell you roughs the wasted lives your leading.

    I'm real important, I can give you strife,
    I'm real important, you lot get a life.

    Yes I'm the dandy M-O-D so smooth by any standard, and you lot all should kiss my bum, and feel that you have "landed"
    So even though I lock your thread, I stimulate your mind,
    I bless you with my presence yet because I am so kind,
    Yes I'm the dandy M-O-D and I help run your nation, whilst all you grubby silly plebs aspire above your station.

    I'm real important I can change your life,
    I'm real important you lot get a life.

    Yourdum, diddly yourdum, didly yourdum...............
  15. Keep 'em coming :lol:
    I've never been mentioned in song before only Crimewatch 8O
  16. At least when Seadog gets his switchblade out he does it with humour. :)
  17. They're getting better RR :salute:
  18. You have seriously missed your vocation in life RR.Have you thought about going into education?
    Belay that I've just remembered your oriental "nieces" :D :wink: :D
  19. I thought I'd covered that aspect of my life in a dit.

    When I left the Andrew I applied for a teachers training course as I had gained a degree in political history and I was sent on a six week induction at a college in Birmingham.
    I was playing second fiddle to a nice but wimpy teacher not too long qualified himself.
    It was a very OK class except for a rent a gob and his two cronies who never seemed to shut up.
    As PC had a grip on us by then the teacher seemed helpless to do anything.
    Me being fresh from dear things like QR's DCI's and ships standing orders was getting a bit fucked off after a couple of weeks.
    I blocked his exit from the classroom and pointed out we were on the third floor of the building, and there were only two ways out. One he argued somewhat superciliously. Two I corrected the door and the Fuckin window and flying lessons were free.
    You can't hit me he said. So (it was alleged I slapped him) and pointed out the difference between fact and hypothetical reasoning. I said you should have said not supposed to.
    I started work the next day as a long distance lorry driver.
  20. RR, you are some man :thumbleft:

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