oh no my asthma!!


hi everyone,i'm currently in the process of joining the RN as a ME should be going in around March time.I had my medical about 2 months ago and the question arouse about asthma(as it does) and i said i had not had it since primary school. The doctor then wanted a doctors report from my gp "just to make sure" i havnt had it in the last 4 years.i got this report about a month later after trouble with payment(i wont go into that). I gave this to the doctor who i had my medical with and he said it looks very good but from the 1st of October(it was the 15th by now) the regulations have changed and he had to send it off to gosport so someone else can look at it and make a decision!!.I went to the careers office and told them they said not to expect anything back soon as its like the NHS but slower lol!,i might have to go to london or portsmouth just to blow into a tube to show i'm ok.....just wondering if anyone else has had to do this??


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It is a guy in Gosport who makes the decision, they got that right. Your AFCO doctor merely has to cover his own arse by referring his decision to the Senior Medical Officer for service entry, so don't panic.


thanks for the reply,u dont know how long its likely to take do you?i cant do my fitness test yet and i really want to go upto scotland for the Acquaint course :-(

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