Oh no he's done it again...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sussex2, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Sorry folks but PT has done it again, and again on the flimsiest of excuses. He has now locked another thread.
    I sniff an internet bully and until proved otherwise that is going to remain my opinion.

    Edited to say I really can't be bothered!
  2. Now there's a paradox: if you couldn't be bothered, you wouldn't have posted. [​IMG]

    I, for one, sympathise with P_T's concern over PERSEC and its career limiting potential. It is very probable that he has 2 hats; one civvy and one Reserves.

    Frankly, we do (me included) sometimes push our luck in Current Affairs. That said, if CA was totally factual and "informed" opinion, it would be as thin as hell and probably quite tedious. It is fair, though, that Threads should gravitate to Lil's/Gash Barge when they become overly raucous. The only complaint I would have there is the itchy finger on the padlock. I think it's that tendency that poxes people off the most and can so easily be confused with peevishness. That, of course, is just an observation. [​IMG]
  3. #

    Stick to the intelligent ans forums, Diamond Lills and the Gash Barge,D.Ls is well regulated, unfortunately every MOD has access to the gash barge so even posts there have been culled in the pst :roll:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    For someone that can't be bothered you seem to be having a "moment". :p
  5. Sussex I raise my hat to you, while some have had threads in the gash barge removed you must be one of the few that has had a thread locked.
    At no time in the thread did Persec enter into the equasion, think yourself extremely lucky that you do not have to serve under The Maroon Crisp :oops: :p
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    For what it's worth and if anyone is interested here's my take on things. I'll probably get sent straight to bed with no tea for this but, sh1t happens.

    CA is the top high brow forum, if things in there through the course of discussion slip down the highbrow scale then it should get moved to the Quarterdeck, then 'lils, then the Gash barge.

    Problem is the Quarterdeck has been run in the past as if it's a direct competitor to CA, if not run as someones little fiefdom, it should be the RR equivilant to the Int Cell on Arrse. Dont go to hard on PT and Seadog, they are actually covering two layers of discussion because certain Mods have failed in there jobs, they're picking up the slack.

    The Evil Adj is on the case, once I can convince her to stop chatting me up I'm sure a few of you might get asked to step up to the daily hate of being a MOD to help pick up the slack.

    Fcuk.....that was a sensible answer.... 8O
  7. Hi - As a newbie I would like to say Hello to you in particular and to Rum Ration in general.

    My background is as a Lord High Pajandrum - in 1995 I was de-frocked as a Roman Catholic priest due to a misunderstanding with my choir-boys. The incident was blown out of all proportion as you will understand.

    I am now a senior adviser to MOD but because of PERSEC I cannot say more, other than Rum Ration will probably insist on making me a MOD in the very near future. My Curriculum Vitae is beyond reproach and I have been a Senior Adviser to a succession of Ministers who value my wisdom beyond pearls.

    I have my eye on you Sussex2 and when I am handed my MODship I will have no compunction in locking all of your threads if I even think that you are disagreeing with my point of view.

    Be warned.

  8. The original thread seemed and how it came across was a mod voiced their entitled opinion it was based on facts some one questioned this opinion and facts and the mod didn't want to back it up and locked the thread as the opinion wasn't agreed by the other person. Persec wasn't asked for inthe original thread just backing up of facts.

    Toys out of pram situation nothing more. CA should be highly nodded but if a mod doing the moderation is going to get involved with the discussion they shouldn't get upset and lock a thread if they don't like their opionion being question.

    That's my opinion can I lock the thread now?
  9. How dare you intimate such things about a MOD.

    I have your card marked too Tommo.

  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My god, this is absolutely brilliant. The fact that you are all so utterly insecure that you feel the need to repeatedly open threads on this, and create a superb alter ego (kudos by the way, I am most chuffed, after all imitation is the most sincere form of flattery) shows how utterly meaningless your lives have become.

    For all your protests of 'I'm not bothered', you do all seem remarkably bothered and worked up to spend a Saturday forenoon doing all this. I'm stuck in theatre on a quiet day, so I've got time on my hands - that you feel the need to do tihis your own time says volumes though.

    Personally I'm loving it - keep it up as it merely reaffirms to me what a bunch of insecure old farts you all are.
  11. WhizBang post sir and one I entirely agree with. How these insecure old farts think that they can get away with expressing opinions contrary to yours dumbfounds me.

    I am behind you 100% on this and when I become a MOD I will try and emulate your response by immediately locking threads that disagree with either me or you.

    Your spiffing ruse of blaming it on PERSEC is a Top Hole move and one that I intend to copy.

    Here's hoping that the film or show that you are watching in your theatre is a enjoyable.

    MODs rule

  12. Funny how a wannabee gets to be a MOD?
  13. Agree with you in the main Blobbs, but to actually lock a thread in the gashbarge which was in no way conflicting with persec is more than a little OTT.
    I've said it before most of the MODs on RR do a good job for little or no thanks, there are however a small minority who cannot handle opinions which differ from their own :oops:
  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I also love the way that you are totally misreading what has gone on. Let me sum up for you - I posted something contrary to Sussex2 based on my experience. I've made clear that I'm not going to publicly identify myself as I have no desire to publicly commit career suicide for the sake of RumRation. I have offered to identify my background via PM if people are that bothered about it. Apparently thats not good enough according to Sussex, who thinks that I should publicly identify myself or it doesnt count. At this point the thread was locked as it was going nowhere and would merely continue to be a 'yah boo sucks isn't the moderator nasty thread'.

    If Sussex and others want to go around making out that they are some kind of martyr, then fine - frankly the fact that they are getting so riled up about this is the funniest thing that I've seen in ages. I can't believe how pathetic this has become, but I'm quite happy to sit here and watch it now because all thats happening is you are wasting what little time is left in your sad pathetic and empty lives to get angry.
  15. Assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups

    my life is not sad,pathetic or empty.

    The naughty boys have really upset you :p :p :p

    F :oops: kin Great
  17. And your a fuckin pissed with power Walt.
    You know the adage Put up or shut up.
    You should not come in a public forum dropping the "I'm a secret Squirrel card" and then run like a threatened virgin when asked to validate your innuendos. You should not imply if you know the next step involves either denial or retraction. That's akin to professing wealth but leaving your money at home.

    Personally don't give a shit how important you think you are, you are certainly full of yourself and seem to have an over inflated sense of your own importance.
    Go tell me now you are a senior cabinet minister who is in the reserves of 22 SAS.
    This is good, I am Oliver Cromwell, and most of the others in this thread vary between Napoleon and the sheik of Araby.

    And as for insecurity remark, that is a real playground patter, and from a supposedly intelligent gentleman of high status and rank. Oh I get it you're Micheal Heseltine re incarnate, welcome back Tarzan.
    I have financial security, and all the goals of my life within reality, achieved. (you know reality don't you, that's the area between nothing and what you wished you had done). Or in your case between being a Walt and the cabinet minister on active service that you morphed into.
    But I wont tell Mr Mitty. :wink:
  18. Rumrat, either get off the fence or fukc off!! :D
  19. 8O :D :D :D :D
  20. could not have put that any better RumRat.

    PT I do somewhat resent you thinking I have no life as i post here on the weekend !.

    I would say You are the one that needs to get a Life asap :twisted: :thumbright:

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