Oh my, now I've heard it all

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by type42stoker, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. "it seems not…..we can all relax now as a couple of shirt lifters have appeared on the forum and reassured us all by revealing that the serving gays only join because they love ships and the life ….. and never ever for one moment think about the fit young men they share a tin can with……there`s many will sleep well in their bunks after learning that….."

    If that is you in the photo UA, you can most assuredly sleep well in your bunk. It is well know that most gay men have good taste.........
    And I may add, most of the men I served with would not qualify as "fit", I remember a 17 year old stoker joining Fearless that was so overweight he would not fit through the escape hatch. I doubt that even the most desperate of us "gays" would have gone for that.
    Having said that I've seen some straight sailors sleep with some "big" women as a "badge", go figure, we do have taste after all.....lol
  2. its just one of those things, like being hit on by an undesirable woman: accept it as a compliment, say no thanks, and move on.
  3. LOL, I like that Jar, I will take that one onboard...... :lol:
  4. i've had a lot of practice; my daughter came out of the closet approx 3 years ago and among the flocks of LBGT people have been lots of men who have been trying to recruit me for the bears ever since.
  5. Type42

    Personally I don't think you're an evil dickhead, but if you don't want to establish a reputation as one, here's a suggestion:…. if you read a blog and think "ugh,"… don't make a personal comment about the writer, just move on to the next one…… Especially don't make a comment if it's going to be completely negative, out of context and nasty; just imagine what it's like to write a blog and have someone flame you about your looks. (Someday you may actually try posting something meaningful and have the chance to find out for yourself.)
    And if you absolutely have to comment and your reaction is that you "thought the blog was inaccurate-- then say that….then link to the blog rather than your edited highlights.. Don't say "If that is you in the photo UA, you can most assuredly sleep well in your bunk. It is well know that most gay men have good taste.........,
    why?"...… Because that just makes you sound like a dickhead.

  6. I reckon AAC would have welcomed UA as a special friend UA being a Hairy Stoker.
    Why is it that homosexuals label those who find same sex relationships normal homophobic?
    UA is entitled to his opinion that homosexual sex is revolting, it does not make him homophobic.
    Many straights have a friend or two who are possibly homosexual, most do not ask questions on what sexual acts they perform and I do not wish to know.
    Homosexuals should accept that legally they have the same rights as heterosexuals, these rights do not include expecting others to either approve or commend their life style.
  7. The same actually applies in reverse. I have a lot of straight friends, and I don't want to know what they do in bed either as I find that unpleasant. I have to say that I have been asked questions by straight people about my sex life that I wouldn't dream of asking a straight couple.
    Lastly I don't need anyone elses approval or commendation for my life nor do I ask for it as it's part of who I am, it took me years to accept that I was gay and now I have I am not about to apologise to anyone for it.
  8. Tye 42 Stoker
    No apologies for your life style were asked for or expected. As many of us have said what goes on behind closed dors between consenting adults is purely between those behind the door.
    However why is it that homosexuals seem to look for and need to be accepted by society. Surely having gone through the process of coming out you have met with every kind of reaction. This is normal and is experienced not only by homosexuals but by many other groups including, blacks and Asians, mixed race children, fat kids, chavs, down & outs, immigrants,gingers etc.
    In Utopia everyone loves one another, however get real this is the UK we may have to be PC but love is not enforceable until Tony's thought police are recruited.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Gays dont need to apologies for their behaviour, all I ask is dont bring your sexuality up at every opportunity. The two new members to this forum I must admit are better in that regard than someone else I could mention.
  10. I'll second that Blobbs.
    However Steve is lots of fun even with his little quirks. :)
  11. Slim,
    I think most people like to be accepted for who they are, regardless of race, sexuality, weight, social standing (though I do struggle with Chav's it has to be said). It's part of human nature, we all just want to be accepted as the people we are.
    I don't expect people to like what goes on in my private life, after all that is what it is,private and no one elses business.
    However I don't expect to be verbally or physically abused just because I walk out of a certain pub or club that is known to be gay. All I would aks of anyone is to live and let live without resorting to violence or abuse of any kind. It's not nice and it's not clever.
    I am always willing to joke and take good humoured banter in the vein it is intended, but I will never accept abuse and will defend my right to reply to it. :wink:
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yes AAC is alot of fun, he is alot more articulate than me, thats for sure! we do spend alot of time taking the p1ss out of each other but I wish he'd reign in some of his more "in yer face" gay remarks......I dont suppose he realises he's doing it half the time.
  13. I know what you mean, he can be a little "in yer face". I hope that I'm not quite in that league with my posts. :wink:
    I can enjoy the banter, anyone who's served and cannot take the messdeck banter wouldn't have lasted too long anyway........
  14. Where is AAC?
    Steve has not posted since his post was trashed.
    Come back Steve, we miss you.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He's probably gone camping. 8O
  16. Its quite true what a lot of people say on these forums regarding gays, they always have to be right, and, if you pass any comments they dont agree with, then you`re Homophobic, regardless of what they get up to behind closed doors, after all its their affair only, they really should stop banging the drum about it, it would be nice to see what evidence there is, if any, that its NATURAL to have a cock shoved up your arse, seems odd to me that an orifice designed to get rid of waste products, becomes attractive, and now the Gays can proceed to to call me what they will, a word of advice, read my signature.
  17. Good Skills Jars. Trolling for votes is up to Tony Blair ok??
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why do Pooftas want you to be a bear Jarhead....is it an american thing?
  19. bear is a LGBT term (in the US anyway) for a big hairy man - the opposite of a BBW.
  20. Hmm and a [email protected] doesn't have waste products come out of it too.........If my anatomy serves me correctly, women do pee out of their [email protected] as well as using it for sexual activites.......

    Or has it been that long since I slept with a woman? :wink:

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