Oh, I wish I`d looked ofter my dick

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by UncleAlbert, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Oh, I wish I`d looked after my dick

    A kindly stoker old and grey,
    was down the club remembrance day
    I ses to him, I’ll lay a bet,
    there’s many a thing that you regret..
    Indeed there is, old Jack replied
    and then a tear came to his eye.
    and he uttered ,with a sigh..
    Oh, I wish I’d looked after my dick

    In Hong Kong bars or down the gut,
    my todger it was such a slut
    although I never got a dose
    so many times I came so close
    sometimes so sore I couldn’t sit
    so swollen up I couldn’t shit
    so I kept on massaging it...
    Oh I wish I`d looked after my dick

    Now it`s just not working right
    over-active in the night
    drink a pint and piss a gallon
    it seems old age has tamed the stallion
    where once it could jump through a hoop
    it suffers now from `brewers droop`
    and has taken on a definite stoop
    Oh, I wish I`d looked after my dick

    see.. mother nature played a trick,
    it`s much to long and far to thick.
    my trusty one eyed piccolo
    it always seemed, was on the go
    on runs ashore and up the line,
    my mate was there, time after time,
    now he`s getting hard to find
    Oh I wish I`d looked after my dick
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2011
  2. Nice one Albert, Sickbay Tiffs on Standby :-D
  3. Uncle Albert,

    It's not just old Stokers - It seems that Percy P is currently experiencing some similar problems with his eleventh digit (though not nearly so rhythmically and eloquently stated) at ARRSE:

    An unzeroed penis.
  4. As some one who has a nudger that my wife says looks like a "Smugglers Cudgel!" I think I can understand the poem.
    It's had a lot of use and still has only one hole in it!got to be made well!

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