Oh how the infamous have fallen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 23, 2010.

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  1. THE Duchess of York is “devastated†and “regretful†after she was filmed apparently offering to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew for £500,000.

    Full Story Here

    She is only devasted and regretful because she has been caught red-handed attempting to pimp out Andrew.
  2. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    Shouldn't that be "red-haired'
  3. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    I thought she was pissed, judging by her demeanor.
    Or is it because she's ginger?
  4. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    Good on 'er She's done nowt wrong.
    Just some gobshite trying to make a name for himself by dropping people in the crap.
  5. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    "...is devastated†and “regretfulâ€..." after getting caught out.
  6. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    I see you are a person who sets themselves high standards. :roll:
  7. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    Fink I would question your title, mighty never, (in)famous yes.
    I could be kind and say that she is only copying the politicians in an attempt to grab whatever's going. :x

    For a more entertaing view on the matter try this: http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=150162.html

    Typical squaddies they get down to basics very quickly! :D
  8. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    Good point I am always open to suggestions, title changed.

    Checked out your linky, those lads just don't have the decorum of the Senior Service but we love em nevertheless. :)
  9. Once a hustler, always a hustler
  10. Very sordid affair but, technically, she has done nothing illegal unless HRH was in the know and was selling himself via the red-headed one - which she was at pains to state was NOT the case (even before she got pinged)

    How many more of these "media stings" must we expect - they really are gutter reporting at their worst even if they do expose influential people as witless and/or money-grabbing
  11. As much as I find it, and her distasteful, I'm sure that when I was a Copper many years a go, we couldn't prosecute a case like that because of the "Agent provocateur" aspect.
  12. If the News of the World fails to pay Fergie the half million it promised (I think they shook on the deal), won't it be in breach of contract?

    For much less than this, I'd be happy to provide any undercover reporters (or other fool willing to part with their money) with an introduction to whoever they like, including my wife. Like any one of us, I can write a letter of introduction but would need a down payment of at least £10k to cover postage, stationery, etc. Please PM me to discuss venue for meeting, menu, type of champers required, etc. If it helps, I will even bring my own camera and microphone.

    I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

    P.S. Hope it doesn't matter that I'm not a celebrity but I'm sure you will agree that little people deserve a break too.
  13. Quite correct, as the "Agent" would be guilty of incitement, and together you would be guilty of conspiracy.
    I still think she comes up with some great scams though, she should have joined the Andrew. Mind Andrew himself may have shown her the way forward. :wink: :D
  14. Asda is in need of shelf stackers - get a f'in job like the rest of us and stop thinking that you are above working for a living.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think Rumrat is on the sick still :wink:
  16. Re: How the mighty have fallen

    You bet yer!!!
    So you think its OK for some 'arris 'ole to try and entrap someone by using such a low life scam as this then do you?
    I think she, Fergie, should prosecute this shite by bringing some charge against this reporter pratt of entrapment.
    I still reckon she did nowt wrong.
  17. Ex or present member of the royal family witless and money grabbing! I am truly shocked :lol:
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: How the mighty have fallen

    Agreed. It was impressive how few posts were needed to get down to the brass tacks of the issue, totally unconnected to the news article. Good stuff.

    I rather liked the following quote regarding spelling:

    My guess is: "Yes, it would seem so". :wink:
  19. Actually it was my intention to scope in the ex-Chairman of the FA ref his claim about Russkies and Dagos bribing referees at the World Cup and wotsisface the now disgraced (and equally witless) snooker player but ... if the cap fits!
  20. The thing that stuns me is that some folk feel sorry for her! 8O

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