Oh G-od i got my live-wires criss-crossed again

Sunday 6th May 2007

Oh G-od i got my live-wires criss-crossed again.Probs Nathaniel sent me the wrong email addy instead of his new email addy [email protected] he must have left me this one on the rough-hewn pine kitchen table so to speak,along with the chocolate digestives.Probs he was just being an Aquarian-Airhead again and got muddled-up what with packing his duffle-bag and his rummy -rations lunch box an' all.So Oh G-od now the Cat is out of the Bag so to speak probs i should have tango yankee polka echo'd this in charlie oreo delta echo so to speak.(bear with me a few mistakes i am just out of radio operator officer schoolsz uh florida keyes)

india gamma oreo tango tango alpha gamma oreo.

india alpha- mango foxtrot-echo-echo-lima-india-nautical-gamma kilo-india-nautical-delta oreo-foxtrot sugar-echo-alpha-sugar-india-charlie-kilo

say this is fun! i am taking to this like a delta-umbrella-charlie-kilo tango-oreo wrench-alpha-tango-echo-rivet.

(this is bletchley park style highly classified super-morse-code just-in hot-off-the-dit-dat-dah-dah-so to speak)

gamma-oreo-oreo-delta nautical-india-gamma-horse-tango. :cry:

Radio Operator somekindofCaptain Conrad. :roll:

sic:wrench is not really a very good super-morse-code for W as it is a silent-Wuh so to speak. i guess Water-is better?
Dyslexic Brownie trying to pass for Girl Guide, who's phonetic alphabet instructor has recently been released from secure accommodation to care in the community?

whisky tango foxtrot? if that is what the US navy is turning out as signal officers i think its time to break out the carrier pigeons :)

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