Oh Dear, What we didn't want


War Hero

To be fair, it hardly warrants a newspaper article - people have affairs all the time, regardless of circumstances (Daddy being an Admiral).

Just thought I'd squirt a drop of Eazi-Start into the inlet manifold of the outrage jalopy
He at least got more coverage than Andrew Marr, its just that pusser seems to be a bit more transparent. Though in truth I have no idea how the newspaper got hold of the story. Extra marital affairs seem to sell more newspapers, and that is the only aim or purpose for newspapers, increase circulation, along the same lines as extra marital affairs increase the population.
Its just a shame that stories like this condemn both parties, and ruin any chances of reconciliation before the papers publish.


War Hero
To the tabloids, anyone who is an AB or above is a senior officer...

MOD hat on - please be careful in what you post here just in case those vile tabloid scum are watching this thread...
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