Oh dear - Phil's got his medals wrong


Was slightly disturbed to see this


Is it me or has our Phil got his Corporate medal the wrong way round - I thought that Betty's head forward was the way to wear them. I hope that I am wrong since it shows a remarkable lack of observation by 1SL himself, his valet, the photographer and the web proofer.

Answers on a postcard please.

Just in case the photoshop gets to it I have posted the picture below:


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It's obviously swivel mounted and it has got twisted.
It's not exactly right, but really, who cares?
He has the right to wear it and he's wearing it.


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Tsk. Obvious innit?

The original phot had Jonah on the left but to get the text in, they've turned the picture around. The other medals were swivel mounted and facing the wrong way.
Disturbed? You big snowflake, get to your safe space.

Cheap shot, as dapperdunn says, it got twisted.

At least he hasn't compounded the 'offence' by wearing a hanky in his breast pocket.
The hanky should obviously be kept in the cuff of the sleeve....;)


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