Oh Dear! How Sad! .... Never Mind!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Disgraceful! That is certainly no way to treat our heroes in light blue when it is the fault of some desk-jockey.

    Brave of you MGM to admit that you read that shite rag.
  2. A sad state of affairs but i dont think they should be able to go that far back .Even the tax man can only go five years
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  3. Who said I read it ... lots of pretty coulered pictures to look at with my coffee!
  4. have to agree Monty ... its everyones responsibility to check your pay details are correct. Mind wonder how many of them would have started to shout if the were short each month!
  5. Coulered pictures MGM?, is that a medical euphemism for Page 3 tits?
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  6. Has to be done!
  7. It's not necessarily their own fault. If you are expecting a pay rise throught promotion or gaining a qualification you will see an increase in your salary. How do you know if it is the correct amount or not. You used to be able to claim under a process know as "Estople" where though no fault of your own (or unknown to you), you were paid the incorrect salary.
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  8. Because you should know what rate of pay you're on and check it.
  9. You've changed. I wouldn't expect you to crawl up the arse of Pusser like that. ;-)
    Tup three!

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  10. Yes it is. People are quick enough to squeal when they're underpaid, especially when LSA has been reclaimed because of the lack of facility to date track forward.

    If the pay looks high or low, just ask the ship's office to double check.

    Edited to add: They're RAF anyway, so they're always overpaid no matter how much they take home.
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  11. Superlative stuff. I applaud.
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  12. There is no doubt in my mind that some of them knew they were being overpaid, as there are always those who know to the exact penny how much they should be getting. Windowlickerscribes will be able to confirm, very very few come forward when they get too much, but by god they are in the UPO fast enough when they are short (or think they are).
  13. Though I don't know the details and am now, as I keep on smugly stating, long out of the loop this NVQ thing is a bit of a minefield to be fair. A bright-eyed baby two ringer at Raleigh some years ago decided to interpret the rules in her own way (to be good to 'her chaps'), overriding the UPO, and sadly the Office Manager failed to fight her decision. Some months later this 'mistake' was brought to light and a good few (White Mafia if I remember correctly) had to repay what was fortunately not a huge amount of money, but I would guess accepted in good faith across the board. I know that some questioned the decision.

    She's probably at least a two and a half now.
  14. Absolutely 100% true. I've never seen anyone concerned when they've been overpaid (especially LSA) but when it gets claimed back you can hear the howls of outrage in South Africa.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    With all this money getting clawed back from years ago should I be worried someone will want the Herbert Lott money back?
  16. Now Mne Blobbs, whats this about you getting a Herbet Lott (please note the correct spelling of Herbet Mne Blobbs) Award, which may not have been correctly issued?

    I think we can recover it over 3 paydays,

    What, we do not pay you anymore - get yer cheque book out then!
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fresh outta luck mate, haven't had a cheque book for years. Quaint idea though. :)

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