oh crap.....going to Raleigh tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mooo, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Getting a wee bit nervous now. Everything is ready and packed apart from one small thing. I haven't filled in my pre joining fitness booklet. I am adequately fit for basic training but I haven't documented my progress. Am I in for a bollocking for not keeping this up to date or will I be ok?
  2. No problem cheat and fill it in on the train.

    It's not really cheating it's called INITIATIVE :w00t:
  3. I bet loads will turn up without it being filled in.
    Good luck mooo, I'll be there next week.
  4. best of luck mate, no sleep for you tonight then!!!!!!!!!!
  5. the best of luck to ya pal. goodluck and god bless
  6. Best of luck, keep smiling :thumright:
  7. Good luck mate wish it was me going down but i think i will be going in ealry next year.
  8. No I wouldnt worry about it, If you are fit enough then who cares?

    You are perhaps about to start the first day of the best time in your life.

  9. I know it might seem a bit of a long way off but i have My PEDA for diving booked this may, IF i do pass, anyone likely to know when i might start basic, Thanks
  10. Good Luck, Mooo, I'm sure all will be fine, just enjoy, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!
  11. I'm a sound sleeper mate. I can sleep through nerves :money: . Heck I could even probably sleep through an earthquake.

    Thanks to everyone else for the good luck messages.
  12. Rumor has it that there are a couple of gays in your mess!

    Bet you don't sleep so sound at Raleigh :w00t:
  13. Silly Silly Mooo. Nice to see that you have been taking your application seriously!. What does "adequately fit" mean? Fill it in on the train if you like. But beware, if you fail any fitness tests (2.4K, Bleep test etc) and they decide to see how you progressed during your preparations, you might just get caught out.

    Best of luck with your future career with the senior service.
  14. Good luck mate. I still have a week till i go.

    Just remember, If you do make things up for the book, make it realistic with space to work with.

    As Drakey wrote, you don't want to make yourself look like superman then get caught out :thumright:
  15. i have my PEDA in a few weeks and i was told by my AFCO that all being well my date will be at the earliest june/july. Cant say when yours might be but give you an idea of the length of the wait. which is a long time at the moment. Other people may be able to better advise you.
  16. You weren't supposed to tell anyone, Slim. :roll: How are Mr & Mr Type 42 going to feel now! :biggrin:

    Best of luck Mooo. Don't forget what your RR pals have advised:

    If it moves, SALUTE it, if it doesn't PAINT IT! ;)
  17. ill see you down there then fella.

    anyone going this sunday? i am and im scared already!
  18. Bless! :thumright:

    Just remember whatever ruffy tuffy face your new oppos present, they'll be as apprehensive as you are. There are the Men who join and the boys who don't. :)

    Right it's way past my bedtime. Were I a man I could stay up late too..... ;)
  19. There's no way to get away with looking like superman, the red cape will give you away on divisions every time.
  20. hahaha :biggrin:

    Bring on sunday :w00t:

    I'm looking forward to this but swear i'm seeing things. The kit list i've been given by the AFCO mentions nothing about taking any socks but i've read people are taking their own on here.

    I'm assuming they'll be issued if they're not on the list, but i don't want to turn up and find out i'm barefoot in drillboots for 9 weeks (ouch)

    Any pointers?

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