OFSTED inspections for HM Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by HarryBosch, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm not sure about Melanie's statement that "Our inspections place the interests and experiences of recruits and trainees at the heart of our work". I think one could argue that the interests of the armed forces is paramount. I understand the argument which goes 'serving the interests of the recruit serves the interests of the forces' but that is not, I think, how it will play out. Nobody will be allowed to fail anything ever again now that OFSTED have their hands on training. Any and all failures will be treated as the fault of the training team or trades instructors for the simple reason that OFSTED will argue that there is no such thing as the bone or unsuitable trainee. According to some of the ARRSE threads technical trades people are already being allowed to pass courses with a mark of 40% and it will get worse. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can tell you for fact Harry thats been the pass mark at Sultan for a long time.
  3. You're not even half good enough ... Pass! Perhaps baby bootnecks will soon be able pass out if they complete about one and a half cdo tests :)
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I wouldn't worry about it too much Harry, it's nothing more than a self appreciation and advertising exercise. The Armed Forces have been subject to inspection from the Adult Learning Inspectorte for years, "NEW OFSTED" as they comically call themselves are nothing more than "OLD OFSTED" combined with some other organisations, one of which is............ you guessed it the ALI.

    The threat of inspection by ALI was good for the services, it introduced several policies which had been lacking for some time: A robust QA process for dealing with failure, a robust qualification process for instructors (all instructors dealing with under 18 are currently trained to BTEC level 4 in instructional studies including the pink and fluffy arts so much lacking in the past) All instructors dealing with the vulnerable (specifically under 18's) must now undergo CRB checks and there is full funding and membership eligibility of the IfL specifically for servicemen to continue with CPD with the aim of becoming a fully qualified teaching professional. The school I have just left in my pursuit of civilian happiness has encouraged all its staff to gain the the CertEd and now the QTLS qual, their pass marks range between 65% and 80% depending on the qualification (mechanics or technicians) and we had a 3% rate of "deferred success" and 0.15% failure rate.

    To be honest most military colleges now operate on a par with the civilian ones, introduction of so many civvy instructors has ensured that. OFSTED's approach to inspections may ruffle some feathers (on both sides!) but the big changes already occurred when the ALI signed their memo of understanding.
  5. Audit by external organisations is nothing new, and since we're now handing out civvy qualifications on many course then it's got to happen.

    Notwithstanding that, I can see your concerns about OFSTED, although I'd argue that part of the problem is that OFSTED don't offer a fresh pair of eyes, merely retired Heads of Department and Head Teachers who just end up perpetuating the same old adherence to process and making sure the evidence is all ticked off, rather than looking at the outcomes.
  6. #

    it may be the pass mark for the stokers but the WOO's have to get 50%. No inference is being made that we are cleverer in any way i promise
  7. In another thread concerning the educational establishment, we are being banned from schools. Shorely the appropriate response is obvious here?
  8. Different beasts. OFSTED is central government, the NUT is a bunch of left wing trade unionists. In the education sector the actual level of central control over Local Education Authorities, schools and FE colleges is pretty patchy.
  9. Hi Chief and Karma,
    I see where you are both coming from. However, I think the military has much to teach those who wish to make teaching ever more prescriptive. On my command courses I remember having to follow a certain format (Revise, Introduce, Main Body, Conclusion, Discussion/Q&A, Look Forward .. I think:) ) but when I did my PGCE I was shocked at how teachers are regarded in terms of the lowest common denominator. In civilian teaching it does not matter what one's experience is, OFSTED will always assume you are useless or bone until they 'discover' otherwise. The 'discovery' that you are a good teacher is, of course, highly dependent upon how many boxes tyou can get ticked in 1 hour. God forbid one does something outside of the tick sheet! That's when one needs the confidence and experience to look them in the eye and let them know that one not onbly knows how to teach but that one continues to learn from Head Teachers still in the trade rather than headteachers who long ago jumped ship.

    I'm in a new job and during my interview I told tham that I had learnt nothing about teaching that I did not learn as a JNCO, SNCO and PW. The only difference is, I informed them, was that I learnt about how to be a good teacher without even knowing who the **** Vygotsky was! At interview, I asked them to consider that Vygotsky (for all his democratic sounding views about education) was an out and out Marxist and that his left wing views are visible in his writings concerning the education of young children. I then asked the panel what they thought about celebrating somebody so closely linked to education a la Soviet style. They were, of course, left speechless! :)
  10. True Karma, and I stand corrected. Maybe if they did a better job looking at the school output we could do away with recruiting tests and NAMET. Is OFSTED coming in to check that the RN is picking up where schools leave off and teaching 16-17 year olds to read, write and add up?

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