Official - RNR Get a "New" Reserve Training Centre.


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bikerman said:
rosie haven't you heard of HMS Chatham type 23 :thumright:

Or HMS PRESIDENT (Medway Division).... based in.... Chatham

Not big enough to exist on their own, but they seem to have a good crew of New Entrants coming through at the moment.
Nice to see HMS Ceres active again. I was, aged 16, the youngest member of the unit at Yeadon in 1984 when it was commissioned HMS Ceres, and had the pleasure of cutting the cake with the then CO's wife. Shortly after I joined the RN full time and am in my current role pleased to be involved with the RNR again. :lol:


Delighted to see this!

I have happy memories of Communicators (and Bridge Watchkeepers) trekking all the way to the Far Far North to allow us to get to sea legally.

No more Sea-Going RNR (well, not in our own ships), but I expect the new CERESs will perform as creditably as the old.

Now, can anyone remember HUMBER Division?


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heyheysb said:
I am so pleased to hear this news. Congratulations, all of you at CERES DIVISION must be so proud.

Fixed that for you - Ceres never commissioned as shortly after the planning stage it looked like one of the other RTCs was going to close & it was felt that going ahead with commissioning would send the wrong message.

Ceres remains a satellite of HMS Calliope.



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Unfortunately CERES did not commission (for the reasons previously stated), although we are the only satalite unit with our own cap tallies, which we are all extremely proud about.

CERES is still small (approx 50 people) however it is extremely active with many of it's personnel either deployed, preparing to deploy or having just returned from deployment. In my opinion it is also the friendliest and happiest establishment in the RNR (although i am ever so slightly bias :wink: )


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Dear All,
Sorry for posting this in several threads but I wanted to get as much distribution for this event as possible.
HMS CERES was the supply and secretariat establishment based in Wetherby, Yorkshire which was opened in 1946. The establishment was closed in 1958.
The name was revived in 1984 with HMS CERES the Royal Navy Reserve Unit based in Yeadon nr Leeds. This unit was closed in 1995 The name lived on however in the form of the Royal Navy logistics school based in HMS RALEIGH and in 2005 the Navy Reserve Satellite unit CALDER DIVISION relocated to Carlton Barracks in Leeds and the name was changed to CERES DIVISION.
The reason for my post is because the HMS CERES Association have been holding a bi-annual reunion in Harrogate for a few years now. The events have always been extremely well supported and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all who attend. Unfortunately as with most associations the numbers have diminished over the years due to age, cost, ill health etc so I was hoping that by putting this thread on here there may be some former HMS CERES personnel either RN or RNR who would be interested in attending.
The event will be taking place in Harrogate in August. If anyone would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me by PM.