Official - RNR Get a "New" Reserve Training Centre.


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great news and congratulations to all concerned
are there any plans to co-locate with the Leeds RMR Det - currently part of RMR Tyne ( if that makes any sense ) ?


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trehorn said:
It has been announced this week that as of 1st April 2008 CERES DIVISION, the Leeds based tender unit to HMS SHERWOOD is to become a stand alone RTC and be commissioned HMS CERES. :w00t:

Congratulations to all at Ceres (even the gash hands).

Good to see


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Roger that , makes sense
i know that the various RMR units that are co located with TA units tend to have issues.
once again congratulations


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Apparently my initial post may have been a little hasty.

It has not yet been confirmed if we will be HMS CERES or HMS SOMETHINGOROTHER.

Probably political. It may look like they are reversing the decisions of the 1990's by calling us CERES.

Hope it is CERES though. :dance: :boogie: :number1: :meditate: :hello1:
grrrrrrrr dont get me started on the closure of WILDFIRE I carried the RN Colour at the closure ceremony it was a sad and memorable day. We were the last RN presence in Chatham after hundreds of tears. There were many tears on that day. The bloody politicians who made that decision should hold there heads in shame. Along with the stupid decision to rename NORTWOOD WILDFIRE. Well done great imagination there.

Good luck to the new unit, The forecasts of the RNRs demise have been a bit premature

PHEW check check check, rant over
Broadminded and prgmatic, i didnt see that section in my TASK BOOK :rambo:

A shame that former decision makers didnt display such admirable (SIC) qualities


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We are now independant of HMS SHERWOOD as in they no longer mix the staff up between us however at the present time we are still administered by them. This will apparently be moved to EAGLET in time as they are our regional HQ. Apparently the intention is to recieve a PSI and our own budget and eventually be commissioned. Wether this will happen this year or not i dont know but we are certainly moving in the right direction. Wish we could have kept the SHERWOOD PSI's though. The best i've seen in a long time.


Thanks for that little update - I was intending to attend but had the worst headache of my life (no exaggeration!) after finishing work. The journey alone would have finished me off. Hoping for better health next week.


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Congratulations to Ceres on becoming a 'new' unit. Whatever anyone says (and i'm often one of the worst for complaining) this is great for the RNR in general and sends a signal out to all that things are not all doom and gloom within our organisation.

Once the wasters are SNLR after the bean counters have got hold of them i reckon things are pretty bright within the RNR in general. Of course there's always something not right, but lets enjoy the positives, and this is most certainly one of them. I've got several very good mates at Ceres who i'd go to war with any time. Good luck one and all!